What is the Largest Wind Turbine in the World – MySE by MingYang

What is the Largest Wind Turbine in the World – MySE by MingYang

MingYang – the largest privately owned wind turbine manufacturer in China – has announced the launch of the MySE 18.X-28X and says it is the largest wind turbine on the planet, Design Boom reports.

According to New Atlas, MySE 18.X-28X will have a sweeping area of more than 66,052 m2, which is the only propeller on the turbine that sweeps across an area of sky the size of 9 football fields in the US.

The turbine will be able to cope with “the most extreme ocean conditions,” including hurricanes, and will produce enough energy annually to power nearly 100,000 people.

According to Renews, the MySE 18.X-28X wind turbine features a modular and lightweight design, using 3-D sensing MPC and digital dual DTC technology. This helps the world’s largest wind turbine in China to operate in harsh sea conditions such as a Category 17 storm with winds above 56.1m/s.

MingYang hopes the giant turbines can help increase power output while helping to reduce the costs associated with installing many smaller turbines by an estimated $120,000 to $150,000.

MySE18.X-28X will not only provide an important source of energy for thousands of households and businesses in China, but will also reduce more than 66,000 tons of carbon pollution compared to conventional energy production methods.

China is the biggest polluter on the planet. The country produces about 14% of the total planet-warming pollutants in 2021, according to Our World In Data.

Building giant turbines in China is also in line with China’s 2060 goal of net zero emissions.

“With the new MySE 18.X-28X, MingYang has taken an important step in accelerating the green energy transition by driving reductions in electricity costs and creating technological breakthroughs for the offshore wind industry.” company emphasized.

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