What Are The Strongest Mercenary Armies in the World – Top 5

What Are The Strongest Mercenary Armies in the World – Top 5

Numerous people refrain from contacting the “mercenary organization”. Instead, they use terms like “private military contractor (PMC), private military company, private security company, private military corporation, service provider, military, campaign contractor, etc. to refer to this army.

But establishments that meet the requirements to be “private military contractors” can also serve as “mercenary” headquarters, offering mercenary services to parties in need.

The business of mercenaries is booming and growing stronger than ever due to the increasingly unstable world.

Mercenaries are stationed around the world and ready to fight, accepting death or injury in conflicts when the government does not want to use their troops.

Many governments around the world have openly or secretly used powerful mercenaries including the US, UK, Australia, Russia etc.

The top private military companies that supply personnel to fight or maintain law and order are listed below.

Wagner is a private military company with its headquarters in Russia, with operations in more than 30 nations and two training facilities there.

Since leading a mutiny against the Russian military and President Putin, Wagner has gained more notoriety globally. Later on, though, Wagner made a deal with the Russian government to keep fighting for Russia.

Wagner offers a wide range of services, including intelligence gathering, influence operations, political and military advice, security training, and political and military guidance.

Ukraine is where Wagner is most active. The organization supported the militias supported by Russia in 2014 as they fought for control of the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine, which included the provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk.

Wagner was the main force stationed in the Donetsk region’s Bakmut city during Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, which began in February 2022. The war’s most intense battles have taken place here for the longest time.

The contract salary for Wagner soldiers is 240,000 rup per month , and there is a significant bonus if there are achievements, according to the recruitment website for Wagner.

In addition to Ukraine, Wagner is active in many areas of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and especially Africa, according to a 2021 report by the Center for International Studies and Strategy (CSIS). In nations like Libya, the Central African Republic, Sudan, and Mali, Wagner has been quite active.

With more than 625,000 employees, the UK-headquartered G4S multinational is currently the world’s largest private military company. However, the G4S mercenary team is not as famous as Wagner in Russia.

The G4S Group operates in more than 125 countries worldwide and is three times the size of the British military.

In addition to the usual business activities such as providing security services for airports, banks, patrols, prisons, G4S also has a presence in geopolitical hot spots around the world, such as Iraq.

In the most dangerous parts of Africa and South America, the G4S group often supplies government agencies and private companies with heavily armed security, demining, intelligence. military and military training.

Unity Resources Group is a privately held Australian-based military company with more than 1,200 employees, operating in multiple regions across Africa, the Americas, Central Asia and Europe. This team of mercenaries is most famous for protecting the Australian embassy in Baghdad (Iraq).

Since at least 2006, Australia has hired private security firms to guard Australian embassies in some of the most dangerous countries in the world. The reason the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade does not have an internal armed security department to protect staff.

According to information reported by ABC in 2010, the contract between Unity Resources Group and the Australian government is worth $9 million and the company has recruited veterans from Australia, the US, the UK and Chile to serve the mission. This.

Prior to 2014, the Unity Resources Group staff in charge of security at the Australian embassy in Iraq were responsible for managing the local bodyguards at the front gate, operating the security teams, and monitoring and ensuring the safety of the people. secure private intelligence analysts so they can work and report to the Australian government with peace of mind.

In addition to Iraq, the company has assisted with security during parliamentary elections in Lebanon and helped evacuate private oil companies from crisis areas in Bahrain, a country in the Middle East.

Academi is an American private military company, founded in 1996 by former US Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince.

At its inception, the company was called Blackwater and then changed its name twice, first to Xe Services in 2009 and second to Academi in 2011.

Academi operates a training facility of more than 2,830 hectares, deep in the wilderness in the state of North Carolina (USA). It is one of the largest and most complex private military training facilities in the world.

According to the 2007 book “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Strongest Mercenaries,” the company had an army of 20,000 soldiers, 20 planes, a fleet of armored vehicles, and sniffer dogs. Most of these forces have been transferred to Iraq and Afghanistan under contract by the US government.

Academi’s size appears to have shrunk following a number of unjust shootings and other controversies in Iraq, including bribing the Iraqi government to buy backing, damaging important public contracts. company with the US government.

Outside of the Middle East, Academi was hired to protect the streets of New Orleans (USA) after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The company has also protected Japanese missile defense systems and supported the war on drugs on Around the world.

Defion Internacional is a privately held military company with headquarters in Peru and offices in Dubai, Iraq, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

The company recruits and trains bodyguards, drivers, security and logistics specialists from several developing countries.

At one time the company had more than 1,000 Latin American fighters in the Middle East available for hire, though it’s unclear how many total troops it has as the company doesn’t make this public.

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