Unique Handmade Birthday Gifts for Grandparents

Unique Handmade Birthday Gifts for Grandparents

Handmade Photo Bracelet – This is adorable and any grandmother would love to see their grand babies where ever they go.

Ceramic Flower Dishes – Grandma’s will love these homemade dishes to put their keys or candy in!

Tea Wreath Gift– If grandma loves her tea, make a pretty wreath for her to enjoy in the kitchen!

Watering Can Photo Gift – This gift is for a gardener and it’s very special because the grand kids photos are inside the flowers.

Love Grows Here Plate – Have your kids dip their hands in paint to make cute little flowers on a plate she can display.

DIY Tile Coasters – You can make your own photo coasters and wrap them in a ribbon for grandma!

Grandma Photo Blocks – These wooden photo blocks are darling that say “Some of my greatest blessings call me grandma”

Grandma Milk Tin– Make your own personalized milk tin with vinyl lettering.

Besides, kids can choose to make these simple DIY gifts for grandma

Grandma can receive an evergreen yarn bouquet made by the kids as a token of their unfailing love. To begin, align a green pipe cleaner so that it is parallel to the fork’s tines and extends 3 inches above them. Wrap yarn around each tine in a perpendicular fashion. Slide everything off the fork, fold the 3-inch pipe cleaner section down over the yarn, and then wrap the two pipe cleaner pieces together. Trim any straggly ends and cut the yarn carefully. Continue as necessary. Wrap a ribbon around the stems to secure them.

Make Grandma’s desk pretty with a personalized paperweight. Start by cutting fabric into strips. Adhere to a small rock (2 to 3 inches) with glossy Mod Podge. Cut an initial and a heart from felt and adhere to the top of the rock. Allow to dry completely.

What could be better than a handcrafted bowl that she can use to collect loose change? Grandmas are known to love all things organized. Use Sculpey (or another oven-baked clay) to shape a sizable flower petal for your sculpture. Create a smaller petal, then insert it into the larger petal’s center. Put some plastic beads in the bowl’s bottom. Bake as directed on the packaging to melt plastic and harden clay.

Photo Lampshades

Give a plain lampshade a nostalgic look by adhering family photos to the outside. The finished product will instantly become a cherished family heirloom.

Grandpa’s Stache Jar – Decorate a jar with vinyl and fill it with grandpa’s favorite candy.

Kids handprint Card – Scroll down passed the cake and you’ll find this adorable card saying “My fingers may be small but I can still wrap my grandpa around them” awww…it would be great to frame it, Crafty Morning cites.

Interchangeable Blocks – I LOVE this idea! Grandpa can keep these blocks on his desk at work or in the office to be reminded of his grandchildren.

Handprint T-Shirt – On the front of the T-shirt write “Grandpa deserves a pat on the back” and have the kids stamp their handprints on the back! Adorable!

Wood Letter Grandchildren Photo – Have each of the grandkids hold a letter that spells “grandpa” “papa” “pops” etc!

Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa– What a meaningful keepsake! Frame a photo of grandpa holding their grandchild.

Lucky as Can Be Photos – This framed gift says “I’m as lucky as can be…the best papa in the world belongs to me!” with a handprint, footprint, and a photo.

Custom Golf Balls – If grandpa is a golfer, have the kids decorate white golf balls with colored sharpies – so cute!

We Love Grandpa Canvas – Have your kids stamp their hand and foot on a white canvas, then write “We Love Grandpa” using the letters O and V as the prints! (no source on Pinterest)

Footprint Deer Canvas– “Papa, you are deer to us doe-n’t you know” Cute idea for a grandpa who hunts!

Handprint Stamped Baseball – What a great keepsake when the kids are little

DIY Photo Keychains– Using modge podge you can make customized keychains for grandma and grandpa.

Handprint Family Tree Card – Frame this kids handprint card that says “i’m so happy you’re in my family tree!”

Glass Magnets– These magnets would be adorable to have their grand kid’s faces in them to put on the fridge.

Grandparent Photo Display– Make your own picture display using wood and clothespins to hang up the grandkids photos, Crafty Morning suggested.

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