Top 25+ Part-Time Jobs for College Students with the Highest Salaries

Top 25+ Part-Time Jobs for College Students with the Highest Salaries

One of the best ways to earn some extra cash while attending college is through part-time work. Here is a list of good paying, low-effort part-time jobs for students. List of the top part-time jobs for students that has hand-picked and highly recommended.

You are the only one who can decide whether or not to find employment while in college. There are many things to think about, such as your financial situation and how getting a job will affect the cost of your college education.

Not every job requires the same amount of time. Instead of attempting to juggle part-time work and classes, busy students may prefer to work only during breaks or during the summer.

When researching a college job, take into account the following:

You can earn additional spending money through work.

While studying, you can gain practical work experience.

You can learn about potential careers outside of the classroom by working during college.

Your study time may be impacted by work hours.

Without a degree, it can be more difficult to find well-paying employment.

Dual responsibility juggling can be mentally demanding.

Your college campus can be a great place to start if you’re looking for a part-time job during the academic year. In addition to holding on-campus job fairs, a lot of college campuses also post jobs on job boards that are either physical, online, or both.

If you’re applying for a job with a smaller company, be sure to take the time during the interview to inquire about the employment terms to make sure they’re valid. Additionally, you can search for part-time jobs online through the websites of specific businesses or employment search engines like LinkedIn.

Average salary: $49.82 per hour

Clients receive massages from massage therapists to reduce stress and enhance wellness. They ask clients what they hope to get out of a massage, go over their medical histories, and talk about their symptoms. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about relaxation methods, massages, both deep and superficial, and oils and creams. Customers can also get customer service from massage therapists.

Average salary: $36.31 per hour

For clients, freelance photographers take pictures and conduct expert photo shoots. They typically look for clients, carry out requests from clients, and respond to inquiries about photography. Additionally, they purchase and maintain photographic tools like cameras, lenses, backdrops, and batteries.

Average salary: $30.40 per hour

By offering their professional insight to open-source projects, freelance programmers assist businesses and other independent contractors. For tasks like developing apps and websites and re-coding websites, they also make their own programs, set appointments, and manage timelines.

Average salary: $25.02 per hour

Tutors provide one-on-one and small-group academic instruction outside of the classroom. They might offer services in math, science, writing, or grammar. Additionally, tutors set up appointments, take calls, and respond to general inquiries about their services or the services of a specific company.

Average salary: $23.29 per hour

A wide range of documents, including letters, resumes, websites, articles, and other media, are edited by editors. Editors frequently oversee the quality of these media by making sure they adhere to the requirements of the organizations and individuals who use them. They make small adjustments to the formatting, tables, grammar, file insertion, link creation, and equation writing.

Average salary: $23.21 per hour

Blog posts, articles, sales literature, websites, and social media content are all produced by freelance writers. Additionally, they might edit books, articles, novels, short stories, or ghostwrite a range of documents for people and organizations.

Average salary: $22.69 per hour

Junior bookkeepers keep track of the invoices for payments and receivables. They collect signatures, ensure that invoices are paid on time, and record bills. Additionally, they compile payroll costs and update financial records.

Average salary: $21.68 per hour

Fitness instructors aid in the creation and execution of fitness programs and support participants in achieving their own objectives. They aid in achieving organizational objectives like boosting profits and routinely tracking member progress. They also measure members’ body mass index (BMI) and baseline fitness.

Average salary: $19.48 per hour

In both private homes and daycare centers, nannies offer child care services. This includes playing with kids, helping with hygiene, tutoring, cooking, and light housekeeping tasks as needed. While some nannies work as needed and reside elsewhere, others live with the families they look after.

Average salary: $19.36 per hour

Virtual assistants work from home offices to help clients with professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance. They carry out duties like making appointments, coding, filing, and looking up information.

Average salary: $18.98 per hour

A wide range of visual media are produced by independent graphic designers. This can apply to business cards, flyers, book covers, and logos. Other independent graphic designers produce online games, banners for websites, illustrations, and artwork for video games.

Average salary: $18.35 per hour

The language, presentation, and format of clients’ resumes are all examined by resume screeners. Some resume screeners work with clients to create resumes that highlight both conventional and non-conventional skills in order to advance their careers. Many resume examiners are home-based.

Average salary: $17.65 per hour

Administrative support is given by dental receptionists in dental offices. They greet visitors to dental offices, make appointments, help people fill out paperwork, and set up patient charts. They also manage the dental staff’s schedules, call patients to remind them of appointments, and handle other general office tasks like printing and filing. Additionally, dental receptionists take payments, which may entail coordinating with medical insurance companies to ascertain copayments.

Average salary: $16.94 per hour

Client consultation appointments are set up by tax preparers to provide tax preparation advice. They prepare and file tax returns, respond to correspondence from tax authorities, check the accuracy and completeness of tax forms, and offer tax planning services. Some tax preparers use analysis to maximize tax results and have their clients sign their tax returns.

Average salary: $16.61 per hour

Visitors to the office are assisted by administrative assistants. They take calls, direct callers to the appropriate parties, schedule appointments, keep track of incoming and outgoing emails, write and edit documents, schedule meetings, and conduct interviews. Some administrative assistants carry out accounting and bookkeeping duties, manage inventory, and produce reports.

Average salary: $16.36 per hour

Transcriptionists pay attention to spoken events and record them on paper. These can come from authorities like physicians, nurses, magistrates, attorneys, and court officials. Some transcriptionists carry out transactions, send letters and documents, and keep their workspaces and offices tidy.

Average salary: $16.33 per hour

Dog walkers are in charge of walking, feeding, and grooming their clients’ dogs. They also handle transactions, set up appointments, and build rapport with clients and their pets on a professional level. Dog walkers may also work with other animals and take calls from pet owners about their animals.

Average salary: $16.32 per hour

Professionals known as nursing assistants look after patients on a daily basis in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and other settings. They support patients’ mobility, respond to announcements, maintain patient hygiene, keep records, and order nursing unit equipment in addition to assisting patients with their prescribed medications on time. Additionally, they organize nursing units, gather specimens, and transfer documents to patients upon facility transfer or discharge.

Average salary: $15.92 per hour

Drivers collect, move, and deliver people and goods safely to their destinations. This involves monitoring driving and product records, making sure clients or cargo arrive on time, and maintaining paperwork like delivery forms. They design their driving routes to be as efficient as possible.

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Average salary: $15.83 per hour

At public institutions, landscape technicians look after the grounds, lawns, flowerbeds, gardens, and other outdoor areas. In addition to creating new outdoor spaces and enhancing existing ones, their duties also include weeding, planting, mowing, watering, and spraying plants. They support the general upkeep of both public and private areas.

Average salary: $15.73 per hour

Professional house cleaners keep their clients’ homes spotless. As requested by clients, they clean, dust, vacuum, mop, and carry out other tasks. Additionally, they carry out transactions, set up appointments, and respond to inquiries about their offerings.

Average salary: $15.50 per hour

Casino dealers keep an eye on the gaming tables. Prior to play, they set the game tables and go over the house rules, game rules, and other rules with the players. Additionally, they track games to maintain lag-free gameplay and keep an eye out for any illegal or rule-breaking activity.

Average salary: $15.38 per hour

Material is sorted in warehouses by warehouse workers. This includes finding and sending packages, making labels, packaging goods, and working with equipment like forklifts. They can use tools like taper guns, scanners, printers, and computers, as well as lift heavy packages.

Average salary: $14.22 per hour

The daily operations of an office are supervised and managed by office clerks. They frequently organize and distribute incoming physical and electronic mail, prepare outgoing emails and letters, and take phone calls in order to keep files and records easily accessible. Additionally, they respond to calls, take messages, and carry out other tasks around the office as needed.

Average salary: $13.86 per hour

For a bank, bank clerks oversee financial data. Bank employees spend a lot of time at their desks responding to inquiries. They can offer marketing plans for new products, perform sales of goods, educate the public about financial decisions, and provide customer service.

Average salary: $13.83 per hour

Bartenders serve prepared drinks to customers, create new drinks, and handle money transactions. To keep customers safe, they keep track of supplies and inventories, confirm that bars and other businesses are operating within the law, and order cabs and other ride-sharing services. Additionally, bartenders maintain a tidy and well-stocked bar.

Average salary: $13.48 per hour

Companion caregivers assist elderly people with daily tasks, frequently involving personal hygiene and grooming. They watch out for patients’ timely completion of prescribed medications, assist patients with physical therapy exercises, and prepare meals for patients. They also write well-being reports and carry out some light housekeeping.

One way for a college student to earn extra money is to take a part-time job. Additionally, you can make money by housesitting for neighbors or teachers, selling used clothing and household items, and selling your textbooks after you complete each of your courses.

Students can work part-time jobs as a great way to supplement their income and build their resumes with relevant work experience before they graduate. It depends on the individual, though, whether or not a part-time job is beneficial for a student.

Think about the job’s hours, the physical demands, your current course load, and your schedule before deciding whether or not to take a part-time job as a college student. The priority should be your studies, so try to avoid taking on a part-time job that could jeopardize your academic standing.

You must choose a job that works with your class schedule and gives you enough time for homework and study sessions. Some jobs, like working in a research lab as a premed student, may help you develop the fundamental skills required for your chosen profession. It may be simpler to balance your schedule if you are close to your house, your classes, or your activities. Consider whether you would prefer an off-campus job or an on-campus job as well.

Any part-time or full-time job that doesn’t require a college degree is available to students. Additionally, there are jobs available that are intended especially for students.

College students can find great jobs in the restaurant and food service industries, retail, administration, and childcare. Additionally, learners can find employment as on-campus brand ambassadors and as college-specific writers about college life for a variety of publications.

Students can find a variety of online part-time jobs. Students who edit college admissions essays and serve as SAT or ACT tutors can work from home.

Students who enjoy writing might also think about contributing articles about dorm life, student fashion trends, getting ready for college, and other topics to online magazines’ “student life” sections. Students might also be able to find additional part-time online writing and editing jobs.

It takes commitment, dedication, and excellent time management skills to balance a full-time job and college courses, but it is possible. Many college students who are enrolled full- or part-time work full-time jobs in addition to their course load. Many college students also take on part-time, work-study, remote, or seasonal employment. You’re not alone if you decide to juggle your studies and a job; in fact, it’s quite common.

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