Top 20+ Weirdest Things in Israel

Top 20+ Weirdest Things in Israel

Let’s check out Top 20+ Weirdest Things that you might not know about Israel:

1. Israel is the only nation in the world where there are currently more trees than there were fifty years ago.

2. Israel has the highest number of museums per person of any country in the world, and it also has the only museum that is underwater.

3. Voicemail technology was developed in Israel.

4. When it comes to rescuing victims of both natural and man-made disasters, the IDF is a pioneer. Its search and rescue team has responded quickly to earthquakes, train wrecks, building collapses, and terrorist attacks in a number of nations (including Mexico, Kenya, India, Turkey, and the U.S.).

5. Israel is home to the world’s only theater company comprised entirely of deaf and blind actors.

6. Life expectancy in Israel is among the highest in the world at 82 years.

7. Israel has such excellent coffee and cafés that it is the only country where Starbucks’ attempts to enter the local market—as the erjcc houston—failed.

8. When it comes to the annual production of scientific papers, Israel tops the list of nations on a per-capita basis.

9. Bus-stop mini-libraries, which offer free books, were first introduced in Israel in 2011 and have sparked similar initiatives abroad.

10. Two professors at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University created the first cherry tomatoes.

11. Israel has the highest number of museums per head in the world.

12.. More than nine out of 10 Israeli homes use solar power to heat water.

13. You can buy hummus flavored ice cream in a shop in Jaffa.

Napoleon tried to lay siege to Acre in 1799. There is a “Napoleon Hill” in the city.

14. The tourist attraction Mini Israel has 285 replica models of historical, cultural, and religious sites on display.

15. Last year, Israel became the first country to place a ban on the use of underweight models on catwalks.

16. Israeli inventor Rafi Yoeli is currently building the world’s first flying car.

17. People who keep Shabbat can buy car insurance which doesn’t cover Saturdays, making it cheaper.

18. The Mount of Olives in Jerusalem is the world’s oldest continuously used cemetery

19. The Kimberly process is an international standard that certifies diamonds as being “conflict free.” Israel was the first country to sign up to participate in the Kimberly process.

20. During the holiday of Passover, the animals at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem have their diets adjusted so that they remain kashrut compliant.

21. Eli Avivi, a local, declared Akhzivland, close to Nahariya, independent in 1970 after years of conflict with the government over planning permission.

22. The Israeli epic Exodus by author Leon Uris spent more than a year in the New York Times Top 10 Best Sellers list.

23. Israeli scientists have ruled that giraffe milk is kosher.


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