Top 20 Amazing Facts About Afghanistan You Should Know

Top 20 Amazing Facts About Afghanistan You Should Know

In this article, we will attempt to rank the top twenty most interesting facts about Afghanistan:

Afghanistan Poetry Night

Afghan culture places a special emphasis on poetry. For more than a millennium, Afghans have used poetry to tell their stories. The night of Thursday is known as “poetry night” in the western city of Herat, where men, women, and children gather to discuss both ancient and modern poetry, listen to Herati traditional music, and enjoy sweet tea and pastries all night long.

“Buzkashi,” or “goat-grabbing,” is the name of Afghanistan’s national sport. It is known as the wildest game in the world, requiring riders on horses to race one another to the body of a goat and drop it in a circle that has been marked.

afghanistan airbase

The busiest runway airstrip in the world is at Kandahar Airfield, which is located in southern Afghanistan. Additionally, it is here that NATO has its first complete air traffic facility in a nation that is not a member of NATO.

Do you know ‘Afghanis’ is the currency, not the people? People there are actually called Afghans.

An Afghan businessman living in Dubai is named Mirwais Azizi. The largest commercial bank in Afghanistan and its founder, Azizi Bashuka.

According to a report, he is the richest man in the nation and has control over 70% of the oil market. As of 2020, Mirwais Aziz’s net worth is predicted to be between $5 and $10 billion USD.

The modern state of Afghanistan was established by Ahmad Shah Durrani in the year 1747, and the official name of the country is the Islamic State of Afghanistan.

Discover Afghanistan facts about its history, culture, economy, people, religion and war & conflict.


Meal in Afghanistan is incomplete with no ‘naan,’ which is flat, unleavened bread.


Silver, zinc, gold, copper, and iron ore are located in the southeast, while precious and semiprecious stones can be found in the northeast, and there may be significant petroleum and natural gas reserves in the north. Mineral resources include uranium, coal, chromites, talc, barites, sulfur, lead, salt, and a variety of industrial metals.

As of the year 2019, the only practicing Jew (a person whose religion is Judaism) in Afghanistan is the carpet merchant Zablon Simintov. He looks after the Kabul Jewish community. He says, “I stay to care for the synagogue,” which seems to be a common refrain among Simintov’s statements. Without me, the land would have been sold long ago.

Afghanistan Opium

Afghanistan is home to the world’s largest and most rapidly expanding opium industry. Opium that is grown in Afghanistan provides the raw material for between 80 and 90 percent of all heroin sold in Europe.

Afghanistan Muslims

Almost 99% of the Afghan inhabitants are Muslims. The rest 1% of the populace includes Hindus, Sikhs, and Jews.


Afghan produces rugs that are very popular around the world.

Taliban takes control of Kabul’s presidential palace and Afghanistan. Would you like to visit the Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in this country?

The minaret of Jam in Afghanistan is the second tallest minaret in the world.


Men and women will never shake hands or engage in direct conversation. Afghanistan strictly forbids the wearing of skirts and sleeveless clothing.

In a speech in front of the public in the 1920s, King Amanullah Khan stated that “Islam did not require women to cover their bodies or wear any special kind of veil.” Queen Soraya publicly tore off her hejab after her speech. Changing times indeed!

For six years between 1996 and 2001, Afghanistan had no national anthem because the Taliban had completely banned all music

The Hindu Kush, a mountain range that connects central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan and rises to a height of more than 18,000 feet, is found in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Landlocked Country

Afghanistan shares border with as many as six countries, namely Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, China, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, making it a landlocked nation that has no water boundaries

Two statues known as Bamiyan Buddhas were carved into a cliff in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley. The larger one was 175 feet tall, while the smaller one was only 120 feet tall. Sadly, in March 2001, the Taliban destroyed the statues.

Kandahar was the first Capital City of Afghanistan. Later Kabul became the Capital City.

Taliban Leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, next Afghanistan President: Biography, Personal Profile.

The main supply of income in Afghanistan comes from agriculture. Vegetables, rice, fruits, & nuts are the popular products here.


Afghanistan is rich in a vibrant blue stone, called lapis lazuli, which has been used to beautify the tomb of Tutankhamen, the Egyptian king.

Afghanistan Greek Ancient City

The Greeks built a city with a theater and one gymnasium at Ai Khanoum in northern Afghanistan around 400 BC. The monument featured Greek prayers for Hercules and Herakles as well as a large statue of Zeus. There is a Heritage site.

Road in Helmand Province

Similar to the Americans, Afghans too, steer on the right-hand section of the road.

As in the majority of Islamic countries, eating pork is prohibited in Afghanistan. In fact, according to one interpretation of that belief, even touching the animal is forbidden. As a result, there are no pigs raised or raised on farms in the nation.

Afghanistan only has one single pig. Khanzir, which is Arabic for pig, is his name, and he resides in the Kabul Zoo.

After eating their national dish, Palau, which consists of rice, sheep and goat meats, and various fruits, Afghans like to wash it down with their preferred beverage, tea.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani flew out of the country.

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