Top 15 Most Beautiful Asian Girls (Under 30) in 2024

Top 15 Most Beautiful Asian Girls (Under 30) in 2024

It is difficult to put together a ranking of the Top 15 most beautiful, charming and talented girls across the vast Asia. publishes a ranking of the most beautiful and talented Asian girls based on their achievements in the entertainment industry, fan following on social media accounts, etc.

Of course, everyone has a different concept of beauty, so you will probably have your own ranking of the most beautiful, talented young Asian girls in 2024.

Birth: March 27, 1997

Nation: Thailand/Korea

Lalisa Manoban, also known as Lisa, is a South Kora-based Thai singer, rapper, and dancer. She is a member of the YG Entertainment-created South Korean girl group Blackpink, which was established in 2016.

Lisa is a 26-year-old South Korean K-pop idol. She was born on March 27, 1997, in Buriram, Thailand. She showed an early interest in dancing and started taking lessons when she was four years old. She eventually attained professional status as a dancer and participated in numerous performances in Thailand.

In 2010, Lisa participated in an audition for the reality television competition series K-Pop Star from YG Entertainment. After being selected as a finalist, she agreed to a contract with the business. She then relocated to South Korea to start her K-Pop idol training there.

Lisa made her Blackpink debut in 2016, and the group quickly rose to prominence as one of the most well-liked and lucrative girl groups in South Korea. Lisa is well-known for her singing, dancing, and modeling skills in addition to her sense of style.

In addition to her work with Blackpink, Lisa has endorsed numerous products and made appearances on numerous television programs. With a sizable and devoted fan base in South Korea as well as all over the world, Lisa is well-known for her upbeat and assured stage presence.

In August 2022, Lisa won Best KPOP at the MTV VMAs. She is ranked first on our list of the Top 15 Young Asian Girls 2024.

Birth: 31 August 200

Nation: Israel

Yael Shelbia Cohen, an Israeli actress and model, rose to prominence after participating in a number of advertising campaigns, including Castro (2017) and Renuar (2018).Shelbia currently appears in the Israeli television program Palmach, which airs on Yes TV Kids and Teen Nick.

Yael Shelbia, a 21-year-old Israeli actress and model, became well-known after taking home the Miss Israel crown in 2019. She was born in Nahariya, Israel, on August 31, 2001.

Shelbia has always been interested in the arts, and she started out modeling when she was young. She has participated in advertisements for a variety of companies, such as Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret.

She is one of the most stunning women in the world and a well-known social media personality who got her start on Instagram. Yael posted her photos and selfies on his Instagram page.

Shelbia has pursued a career in acting in addition to modeling, and she has appeared in a number of films and television programs. She has a sizable online following thanks to her beauty, talent, and commitment to her craft. On our list of the Top 15 Most Beautiful Young Asian Girls for 2024, she comes in at number two.

Yael sets new benchmarks every year when she is named one of TC Calander’s most beautiful people. She also has 1.4 million Instagram followers in addition to her records at the third position on the TC calendar in 2018 and the second position in 2019. Her lucrative modeling career is a result of her stunning Instagram photos.

Birth: April 2000

Nation: Korea

Beautiful Korean American Nancy Jewel McDonie works as an actress, singer, host, dancer, and member of the Momoland band.

She arrived in the US around six years after her April 2000 birth in South Korea.

She appears on numerous television programs, such as The Godiva Show, Finding Momoland, and The Unlimited Show. Along with her TV acting, McDonie also adds finesse to her work by co-hosting events like Pops in Seoul, the 4th Asia Artist Awards, and Fly High K-pop Concert. She was supposed to play The Soulmate Project in the Filipino miniseries, but Covid got her in trouble, and there is currently no word on a new release date.

Are you curious about Nancy’s fame? Due to her stunning beauty, this adorable Asian woman became a trend and one of the few K-Pop stars whose fame quickly spread throughout India.

The youngest, most seasoned, and most sought-after member of Momoland is Nancy. She was a trainee before signing on with Momoland, and she later rose to the position of lead vocalist and dancer. She has 2.6 million Instagram followers and is the most attractive girl in the world. Take a look at @nancyjewel_mcdonie.

Korean cinema is causing fever around the world. Let’s discuss the hottest actresses of Korean cinema in 2024.

Birth: July 15, 1998

Nation: China

A singer and actress from China is named Cheng Xiao. She is a 24 year old, stunning Chinese actress and singer who was born on July 15, 1998, in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Cheng’s career in music began when she joined the South Korean girl group Cosmic Girls, also known as WJSN, which was created as a result of the Mnet reality competition “Produce 101.”

In the Chinese drama “Detective Chinatown” (2020), she made her acting debut. Since then, she has made appearances in a number of Chinese television programs and motion pictures. For her parts in the dramas “Legend of Awakening” (2020), “The World of Fantasy” (2021), “Falling Into Your Smile” (2021), “Lie to Love” (2021), and Vacation of Love 2 (2022), Cheng has amassed enormous popularity.

In addition to her work in singing and acting, Cheng is a skilled dancer who has taken part in a number of dance reality shows. She uses social media frequently and has a sizable following on sites like Instagram and Weibo. She is a Cpop idol who ranks fourth on our list of the Top 15 Most Beautiful Young Asian Girls in 2024.

Birth: June 4, 1999

Nation: Ausstralia, Korea

South Korean model and actress Kim So-Hyun. She is a young Korean actress who is 24 years old and was born on June 4, 1999, in Australia. In 2006, Kim made her acting debut as a child actress in South Korean television dramas and motion pictures.

Her appearances in the television drama series “The Suspicious Housekeeper” (2013), “Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012), “Who Are You: School 2015” (2015), “Love Alarm” (2019), “The Tale of Nokdu” (2019), and “River Where the Moon Rises” (2021) helped her become very well known. Additionally, Kim has acted in movies like “My Name Is Pity” (2008) and “Unforgettable” (2016).

With 7.1 million followers, Kim was named the “2018 Most Grown Instagram Account.” Kim attained over 10 million social media followers at the age of 21, making her the youngest South Korean actress.

Kim has a background in singing and has released a number of singles in addition to her acting career. She uses social media frequently and has a sizable following on sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Date of Birth: October 10, 1994

Nation: South Korea

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 47

Profession: Singer, actress, MC, and model

South Korean actress and singer Bae Suzy was a member of the well-known girl group “miss A” before pursuing a career in acting.

She was raised in Gwangju, South Korea, where she was born and raised. She was a well-mannered child who, unusually for millennial children, always knew what she wanted out of life. She grew up, went to the School of Performing Arts in Seoul, and at the age of 15, began her modeling career in malls.

She participated in the talent competition show “Mnet Superstar K” and was initially praised by the judges, but she struggled to compete with the more talented performers and was eliminated. However, this didn’t discourage her, and she later joined JYP Entertainment to form the girl group “miss A.” She began acting after finding success in music, appearing in movies like “Architecture 101” and “Sound of a Flower” and on television shows like “Uncontrollably Fond” and “My Love from the Star.”

Bae released her debut solo album, “Yes? No?,” in 2017 and is eagerly anticipating the premiere of her new TV program, “While You Were Sleeping.”

Birth: October 30, 1998

Nation: India

Ananya Pandey is an actress from India. She is a young Indian Bollywood actress who turned 24 years old in 2018. She was born on October 30, 1998, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Ananya’s acting career began in 2019 with the release of “Student of the Year 2,” a follow-up to the 2012 film “Student of the Year.”

Her performances in the movies “Pati Patni Aur Woh” (2019) and “Khaali Peeli” (2020) brought her a lot of acclaim. Additionally, Pandey made an appearance in the 2021 movie “Liger” and has commitments for Kho Gaye Hum Kahan and Dream Girl 2.

2020 saw the release of her first music video, “Kudi Nu Nachne De,” in addition to her career. Ananya also serves as a celebrity brand endorser for Lakme and Gillette Venus. She uses social media frequently and has a sizable following on sites like Instagram. She comes in at number seven on our list of the Top 15 Young Asian Girls 2024.

Birth: 1997

Nation: Philippines

Filipino-born Silvia Celeste Rabimbie Cortesi, who was born in 1997, is eighth on the list of the ten most attractive women in Asia. This Asian beauty was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2022 and works as a model. She came in first place among the top 10 most attractive Filipino women. After winning Miss Earth and Miss World, she will soon represent the Philippines in Miss Universe.

In order to obtain her license in the Philippines, Cortesi is finishing up her bachelor’s degree in real estate. Matthew Custodio, a football player from the Philippines, is her boyfriend. Her impressive resume is boosted by her sizable Instagram following, occasional appearances as a magazine cover star, and magazine covers.

Birth: June 25, 1997

Nation: Thailand

Thai actress and model Nene Pornnappan Pornpenpipat is also known as Nene. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 25, 1997, and is currently the most beautiful actress in the country. Nene began her acting career at a young age, making appearances in a number of Thai television programs and motion pictures.

She rose to fame thanks to her performances in the dramas “Nice to Meet UFO” (2019) and “Teenage Mom” (2017).

She also pursued a singing career, releasing her debut single “Promise” Nene was named as Sony Music x Huyingxing of China’s new up-and-coming solo artist on July 12. She uses social media frequently and has a sizable following on sites like Instagram. She comes in at number nine on our list of the Top 15 Young Asian Girls 2024.

Birth: January 4, 1998

Nation: Philippines/USA

Actress and model Liza Soberano is a 25-year-old Filipino-American. She was raised in the Philippines despite being born in Santa Clara, California, on January 4, 1998. She started out as an actress when she was young, performing in a number of Philippine films and television programs.

For her leading roles in the television series “Forevermore” (2014) and “Dolce Amore” (2016), Soberano attracted a large following and favorable reviews. The movies “Just the Way You Are” (2015), “My Ex and Whys” (2017), and “Alone/Together” (2019) are just a few of the ones she has acted in.

Soberano is renowned for her charitable work in addition to her acting career, including her involvement with UNICEF and the Philippine Red Cross. The website TC Candler named her one of the “100 Most Beautiful Faces” in its list. She comes in at number 10th on our list of the Top 15 Young Asian Girls 2024.



Actress Hwang BoReumByeol, 23, is from South Korea. She was born in Changwon, South Gyeongsang, South Korea, on December 21, 1999. In 2020, Hwang started her acting career in South Korea by appearing in a number of television programs and motion pictures.

Her performances in the television dramas “The World of My 17” (2020), “Can I Step In?” (2020), and “School 2021” (2021) brought her a great deal of fame. Hwang also made an appearance in the 2020 movie “Departure, Sun”.

She is the 2019 Miss Chunhyang beauty contest champion. On our list of the Top 15 Most Beautiful Young Asian Girls for 2024, she comes in at position 11.

Birth: August 18, 1997

Nation: Thaland

Thai actress and model Patricia Tanchanok Good is 25 years old. On August 18, 1997, she was born in Thailand. At the age of 14, Good made her acting debut in a number of Thai films and television dramas.

She made her acting debut when she was 14 years old in the drama “Noom Ban Rai Kub Wan Ja Hai So” in 2012.

In the television dramas “Kaen Sanaeha” (2013), “Malee Rerng Rabam” (2014), “Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai” (2019), “Girl From Nowhere Season 2” (2021), and “Poisonous Passion” (2022), she attained a great deal of fame.

She also worked in numerous magazines and commercials outside of her career. Additionally, she uses social media frequently and has a sizable fan base on sites like Instagram and TikTok.

Birth: June 19, 1998

Nation: Japan

Suzu Hirose, a Japanese actress and model, is 25 years old. She was born on June 19, 1998 in Shizuoka, Japan’s Shimizu-Ku. At a young age, Hirose began her acting career in Japan, making appearances in a number of television programs and motion pictures.

She is widely regarded as one of the most talented young Japanese actresses despite her youth.

In the movies “Our Little Sister” (2015), “Chihayafuru 1: Kami no Ku” (2016), “Chihayafuru 2: Shimo no Ku” (2016), “Your Lie in April” (2016), and “Let’s Go, JETS! As well as the films “From Small Town Girls to U.S. Champions?!” (2017), “Chihayafuru 3: Musubi” (2018), and “Wandering” (2022), television dramas “Gakkou no Kaidan” (2015), and “Kaitou Yamaneko” (2016). Along with these projects, Hirose has also made appearances in a number of other movies and TV shows, such as “The Little House” (2014) and “The Blue Light” (2017).

Hirose has appeared in a lot of magazines and commercials in addition to her career. She uses social media frequently and has a sizable following on sites like Instagram and Twitter. She comes in at number 13 on our list of the Top 15 Young Asian Girls 2024.

Birth: 25 December 1996

Nation: Bahrain/Filipino/Moroccan

She is a social media influencer, model, actress, and singer. She was born in Bahrain on December 25, 1996.

The CEO and founder of the skincare company Ivana Skin is this stunning Asian woman. She has made numerous film, television, and music video appearances. The main factor in her global popularity is her sexy Instagram photos and videos. Her alluring figure has enthralled fans. She has one of the most attractive faces and hottest bodies in the Asia Pacific region.

Ivana Alawi is an actress, model, and YouTuber who is Filipino and Moroccan. She currently has one of YouTube Philippines’s highest subscriber counts. Alawi participated in the sixth season of StarStruck on GMA-7 and finished in the top 22 competitors. Ivana has appeared in a number of movies and television shows, including Ang Probinsyano, Open, 3pol Trobol: Huli Ka Balbon, among others.

She became an heiress following the passing of her father. She also serves as the CEO of the Ivana Skin skincare line. She is without a doubt the cutest and sexiest face in Asia.

Birth: 11 May 1997

Nation: Vietnam/USA

Next on our list of the most attractive Asian women is Lana Condor, who stars in the rom-com film series To All the Boys. She is a producer, singer, and actress from America.

She was abandoned in an orphanage after being born in Vietnam. She was, however, soon adopted by American parents and had the chance to study ballet and acting while also pursuing theater training concurrently with her studies.

Despite making her acting debut in 2016, Lana Condor captured the hearts of millions of viewers by playing Lara Jean Covey in the Netflix romantic drama film To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. She rose to fame online and won the hearts of people all over the world thanks to her low dimples, sweetest smile, round, chubby face, sharp expressions, and adorable dresses—in addition to, obviously, her monologues!

The most pervasive beauty myth about Asian women is that all Asian women look alike because only people from East Asian nations can be considered Asians. In reality, Asia is a melting pot of ethnicities, and there is no stereotype that can accurately describe them. This misunderstanding alone links Asian women to stereotypes such as the idea that they all have delicate, pale skin and small, slim frames.

Asian women have intelligence and sophistication that are influenced by their culture and come from various backgrounds throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia. In terms of beauty as an art form, Asian women come from deeply sentimental cultures, which influences their particular sense of grace and beauty. The world can benefit from and learn from their stories. A lot of Asians experience racism outside of their home countries, so raising awareness of a universal idea like beauty from their nation may help the rest of the world be more tolerant and open to their people.

Asian women can find it in themselves to take pride in their cultural identity and philosophies as the world becomes more accepting of Asian beauty traditions and contemporary practices. This will enable them to embrace their individuality and use creativity to redefine beauty standards. Many Asian women can find a platform to share their stories and connect with like-minded people around the world through the medium of beauty.

The standard of beauty is subjective. Some are drawn in by the radiant smile and lively eyes, while others are captivated by the perfect golden ratio of the face. There are those who can’t get enough of Asian women’s slim and trim physiques.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 of Asia’s most stunning female performers for your perusal and critique.

You have seen the standard Asian beauty described above. These lovely young girls hail from countries all over the world, including Israel, Korea, India, China, Japan, Turkey, Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

We note that these are very young girls, promising a brighter future ahead.

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