Top 15 Most Beautiful & Hottest Fox News Female Anchors in 2023/2024

Top 15 Most Beautiful & Hottest Fox News Female Anchors in 2023/2024

Fox News is a significant news organization in the United States and around the world. Its news anchored structure includes reputable men as well as female news reporters who execute praiseworthy work. Because of their hard work and commitment, these gorgeous ladies are shining in their careers, and they are worth watching.

Despite the fact that not everyone agrees with the material carried on Fox News, the network is well renowned for its gorgeous and charming female anchors. These Fox News ladies have distinct characteristics that distinguish their organization.

It’s no secret that it’s known for bringing in attractive and knowledgeable female anchors. Look at the top ten hottest Fox News female anchors in terms of popularity and fan base.

Date of Birth:

November 24, 1969

Place of Birth:

California, United States


1.70 m



TV shows:

News reporter



Net Worth 2023:

$1 Million

Anita Vogel, a reporter for the Fox News Channel, was born on November 24, 1969, in California. She is renowned for her knowledge, beauty, and reporting skills that are insightful on a variety of subjects.

Vogel held positions with KCRA in Sacramento and WJET in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Working for ABC Network News in Washington, D.C., she started her career.

She earned political science and broadcast journalism degrees from the University of Southern California.

Anita, who works for the network and is based in Los Angeles, has been there since 2001. She previously worked as a reporter for Jacksonville’s WTLV.

As of right now, Vogel is one of Fox News’s sexiest and most attractive female anchors.

Date of Birth:

May 9, 1972

Place of Birth:

Evanston, Wyoming, United States


1.52 m



TV Shows:

The Five



Net Worth 2023:

$6 Million

Fox News frequently features political commentator Dana Perino. She is renowned for her brains, beauty, and capacity for incisive analysis of political news. On our list of the sexiest Fox News female anchors, Perino ranks third.

She previously spent seven years as a press secretary in the White House under President George W. Bush.

She also participates in the political and election coverage teams at Fox News Channel, where she co-hosts the I’ll Tell You What politics podcast with Chris Stirewalt every week. The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino and The Five are two more shows that Perino co-hosts.

Full name: Cheryl Cecile Casone

Date of birth: 18 July 1970

Age: 52 years old (as of March 2023)

Place of birth: Clearwater, Florida, USA

American journalist, television anchor, and reporter Cheryl Casone serves as Fox television’ business correspondent at the moment. She started working for Fox News in 2006, and since then, she has reported on a variety of business and economic news items.

Casone served as a reporter and anchor for a number of news organizations, including CNBC and MSNBC, before joining Fox News.

She has also worked as a freelance writer in Europe and Asia and as a financial analyst for a number of investment firms.

She is renowned for her brains and beauty, as well as for her skill at simplifying difficult financial news for audiences.

Full name: Shannon Noelle Bream

Date of birth: 23 December 1970

Age: 52 years old (as of March 2023)

Place of birth: Sanford, Florida,USA

American journalist and attorney Shannon Bream. After joining Fox News Channel in November 2007, she was first based in the organization’s Washington, DC, bureau. She has also worked as Fox News @ Night’s anchor and host. On September 11, 2022, she took Chris Wallace’s place as Fox News Sunday’s anchor.

Bream, who has a successful TV career, is also a published author and a public speaker for her husband’s business. The New York Times bestseller list has included numerous of her novels.

Full name: Julie Bidwell

Date of birth: 25 September 1973

Age: 49 years old (as of March 2023)

Place of birth: Hartford, Connecticut, USA

In 1997, Julie started working as a journalist for Boston’s WLVI-TV. She has also served as a news anchor at WBRE-TV (NBC 11), WFSB-TV (CBS 3), and WNYW-TV (FOX 5).

In 2004, Julie’s coverage of the Republican National Convention won her the Outstanding Single Newscast Emmy Award. She began working for Fox News Channel (FNC) as a general assignment correspondent in March 2005, and since then, she has covered numerous significant stories, including Hurricane Sandy.

Full name: Ainsley Earhardt

Date of birth: 20 September 1976

Age: 46 years old (as of March 2023)

Place of birth: Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

Ainsley is a conservative author and television broadcaster from the United States. Her most popular roles have been on Fox & Friends and The Rick & Bubba Show.

On and off the broadcast, Earhardt has been open about her steadfast Christian beliefs. The Light Within Me: An Inspirational Memoir, a book she also wrote, is a reflection on her faith, family, and broadcast journalism career.

Full name: Maria Sara Bartiromo

Date of birth: 11 September 1967

Age: 65 years old (as of March 2023)

Place of birth: Brooklyn, New York, USA

One of the most attractive Fox News anchors, TV personalities, and authors is Maria. Her work as an anchor and managing editor of the CNBC business discussion program On the Money with Maria Bartiromo has earned her widespread recognition.

A well-known financial news anchor who has been with Fox News since 2014 is Maria Bartiromo. She is regarded as one of the most esteemed journalists in the finance sector and is well renowned for her intelligence and beauty. When it comes to smart analysis of economic news, Bartiromo excels.

Full name: Lauren Simonetti

Date of birth: 11 April 1981

Age: 41 years old (as of 2023)

Place of birth: Manhattan, New York City, USA

One of the most gorgeous Fox News anchors, Lauren Simonetti also works as a producer and writer. She works for Fox Business Network as a field producer, journalist, and co-anchor. She previously served as Lou Dobbs Tonight’s assistant producer on CNN.

The American media personality started her journalism career in 2005 and is currently one of the successful American journalists in her current employment at Fox Business Network.

Full name: Jennifer Griffin

Date of birth: 1969

Age: 54 years old (as of March 2023)

Fox News’ national security correspondent at the Pentagon is an American journalist by the name of Jennifer Griffin. Griffin works for Fox News. In October of 1999, she began working for Fox News as a correspondent based in Jerusalem. Prior to that, she held the position of officer in the Navy of the United States.

Griffin is well-known for addressing a variety of topics related to the military and national security. In addition to that, she and her husband have written a book together titled This Burning Land: Lessons from the Front Lines of the Transformed Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

Full name: Harris Kimberley Faulkner

Date of birth: 13 October 1965

Age: 57 years old (as of March 2023)

Place of birth: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Harris Faulkner is a well-known news anchor who can be seen on Fox News presenting the show “The Faulkner Focus.” In the field of journalism, she has established herself as a reliable source due to the intellect she possesses and the captivating personality she possesses. Fans of Faulkner are devoted to her because they value the informative reporting she provides on many contemporary issues.

She has won an Emmy award for her work as a news anchor in the United States, and she currently hosts daytime programmes called Outnumbered Overtime and The Faulkner Focus. She has been employed with Fox News Channel for more than 17 years at this point.

Date of Birth:

June 19, 1963

Place of Birth:

Glastonbury, Connecticut, United States


1.67 m



TV shows:

The Laura Ingraham Show



Net Worth 2023:

$40 Million

One of the most well-known female Fox presenters, Laura Anne Ingraham is a talk show host for Fox News Channel. She goes by her full name, Laura Anne Ingraham. The Ingraham Angle is the name of her program that is broadcast on the network every single evening. In 2007, she began working for Fox as a contributor.

The accomplishments of the female anchors at Fox News have been a significant factor in the overall success of the network, and their achievements have not gone unnoticed. It is obvious that these women have had a tremendous impact on the landscape of the media, and they will continue to have such an impact in the years to come, despite the fact that some people may disagree with the political beliefs or coverage of the network.

She is a young TikTok star as well as a model and an influencer on social media. Because of the content she posts to TikTok, she has gained a lot of popularity. Videos of her dancing, lip-syncing, and responding to fans’ comments have been the primary contributors to her growing online celebrity.

Yellz0 has amassed a huge fanbase across a variety of social media sites, including Instagram and TikTok. After having her previous account, which had 1.7 million followers, erased, she went ahead and made a new TikTok profile for herself. The model has worked along with well-known figures from social media, such as Saucy Ravioli.

Full name: Mary Dagen McDowell

Date of birth: 7 January 1969

Age: 54 years old (as of 2023)

Place of birth: Brookneal, Virginia, USA

One of the most well-known females working in the anchoring, analysis, and correspondent positions at Fox News is Dagen McDowell. She is a pundit, as well as a guest host, on Fox News, in addition to being a co-anchor of The Bottom Line on Fox Business.

The graduate of Wake Forest University used to contribute to by penning a column titled “Dear Dagen,” which focused on personal finance. Prior to beginning her career in the broadcast news profession, she had held positions at SmartMoney magazine and

Full name: Elizabeth Kate Claman

Date of birth: 12 December 1963

Age: 59 years old (as of March 2023)

Place of birth: Beverly Hills, California, USA

Since October 2007, Liz Claman has held the position of anchor for Fox Business Network. Claman has conducted interviews with a number of former and current Secretaries of the Treasury of the United States of America, including John Snow, Paul O’Neill, Larry Summers, and Timothy Geithner.

The Claman Countdown on Fox Business is hosted by Liz, who also serves as the show’s anchor. In the past, she was a co-anchor of the morning television program Morning Call on CNBC. She received her degree from Berkeley, which is located in the state of California.

Full name: Arthel Helena Neville

Date of birth: 20 October 1962

Age: 60 years old (as of March 2023)

Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

When Arthel Neville made history at KVUE-TV by becoming the station’s first female African-American on-air reporter, she shot to the forefront of public attention. The famed keyboardist Art Neville is her father, and she is his daughter.

In 1986, she attended the University of Texas in Austin to get her bachelor’s degree in journalism there. She has worked in a variety of settings and capacities, such as for Current Affairs, Fox TV, as a correspondent for the West Coast, and in a great many other locations.

Full name: Martha Bowes MacCallum

Date of birth: 31 January 1964

Age: 59 years old (as of 2023)

Place of birth: Wyckoff, New Jersey, USA

MacCallum is a well-known journalist and author in the United States. She is the brains behind the program The Story with Martha MacCallum. Her works include “Unknown Valor: A Story of Family, Courage, and Sacrifice from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima,” which is one of the titles of the books she has written.

She was one of the original members of the Miranda Theatre Company, which is a non-profit company that focuses on the creation and production of new plays.

There is little question that Fox News is home to some of the industry’s most beautiful and skilled female anchors.

These ladies have shown that they are more than simply gorgeous faces; they are bright, engaging, and professional journalists who have established themselves as voices that can be trusted all across the world.

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