Top 15 Easiest Online Bachelor Degrees To Obtain Today

Top 15 Easiest Online Bachelor Degrees To Obtain Today

There are numerous advantages to earning an online degree. Students are free to pursue other jobs and interests during normal daytime hours, while attending classes whenever possible. This allows them to spend more time with their families and set their own schedules. It also allows them to live away from campus. Other advantages include lower-cost classes and accelerated degrees to help you enter the workforce faster.

Program Versatility

One of the advantages of online learning is the incredible planning flexibility. Distance learning allows students to choose between semester-based terms or accelerated courses, synchronous or asynchronous learning, or a combination of the two to accommodate a busy schedule.

Offers affordable Programs

When it comes to higher education, money is always an issue.

Students, thankfully, can find scholarships, financial aid, and scholarships by enrolling in programs offered by a reputable, accredited school.

Furthermore, many online programs charge students who live outside of the state tuition.

Completely Online Options

Many students prefer to complete their programs entirely online, never entering a physical classroom.

This allows them to stop commuting, save money on gasoline and vehicle maintenance, and devote more time to activities outside of school that are important to them.

Excellent Support Services for students

Students can benefit from tutoring, library services, writing workshops, and other forms of assistance.

When professional advice, academic advice, career programs, and even alumni networking are combined, the result is a school that cares about the outcomes of each student.

Anthropology not only provides a less stressful academic path, but it also allows you to hone your communication and research skills. You’ll study human origins, cultural anthropology, and environmental anthropology as part of your online anthropology program. These programs typically require 120 credits to be completed over the course of four years.

Recommended courses:

Western Illinois University– Online B.A. in Anthropology

University of Houston Clear Lake– Anthropology B.S. Online




Fundraising Manager


Museum Worker


Market Research Analyst


Community Service Manager


Environmental Engineer


Anthropology not only provides a less stressful academic path, but it also allows you to hone your communication and research skills. You’ll study human origins, cultural anthropology, and environmental anthropology as part of your online anthropology program. These programs typically require 120 credits to be completed over the course of four years.

Recommended courses:

New England College– Online Bachelor’s in General Business

University of Phoenix– B.S. in General Business Management Online

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3. Communications

Learning how to communicate effectively is a valuable skill that can be applied to a wide range of jobs. A bachelor’s degree in communications is consistently ranked as one of the easiest college majors, with courses like public speaking, introduction to communication theory, and organizational communication. Graduates frequently work in sales, marketing, and public relations.




Technical Writer




Public Relations Specialist


Fundraising Manager


Advertising Sales Agent


Recommended courses:

Lamar University– Online BS in Communication

California Baptist University– BA in Communication Studies Online

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Criminal justice majors learn about the law enforcement system, including how to target, arrest, and punish offenders. Unlike more difficult law degrees, these simple online options concentrate on the causes and consequences of crime rather than complicated judicial codes. It is possible to obtain jobs such as police officer, prison guard, court reporter, private investigator, and bailiff. Furthermore, criminal justice jobs are well-paying even without a graduate degree.

Recommended courses:

Washington State University– Online Criminal Justice BA

Strayer University– Bachelor of Criminal Justice Online

University of Cincinnati– Online B.S. in Criminal Justice

While most people believe that teachers have it easy, this is not the case. Teachers spend a lot of time planning lessons, grading papers, and dealing with difficult students.

If, on the other hand, you want to work in education, this is the degree for you. The coursework is relatively simple (especially if you have a strong background in English or history), and there are numerous credit transfer options.

Recommended courses:

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education at the University of Arizona Global Campus

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at LeTorneau University

Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Study at Western Governor University

If you enjoy business and leadership classes and want to work in healthcare, a health science degree is a good choice. Health sciences students take courses like healthcare delivery, leading change, and introduction to public health, which often lead to careers in fields like public health and healthcare administration.




Clinical Laboratory Tech


Health Services Manager


Health Information Technologist


Medical Records Specialist


Manufacturing Sales Representative


Famous degrees:

Purdue University Global Health Sciences Degree

Because you don’t have to take intensive classes, seek internship experience, or continue on to graduate or medical school, obtaining a degree in health sciences is far easier than obtaining a degree in nursing or becoming a physician.

Instead, Purdue’s health sciences degree program will provide you with the necessary education in the health industry to advance your career. Purdue accepts both transfer credits and experience credits to help you move through your program faster.

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A bachelor’s degree in history, like other humanities degrees, allows you to develop marketable skills in research and writing. This degree should not be too difficult if you are interested in history, research, and writing.

During your bachelor’s degree in history, you’ll take courses in American, European, and ancient history, among others. Many students use this degree to prepare for graduate school.




Museum Worker




High School Teacher






In recent years, the liberal arts have been heavily slandered. We believe in the absolute value of science and advocate strongly for STEM degrees. The liberal arts, on the other hand, are the foundations of our thinking. They’re also very useful.

A liberal arts degree does not prepare you for any specific jobs. You could argue that fields such as writing and publishing would value your degree more than others, and you would be correct. However, the reality is that liberal arts is such a vast field that it provides a solid foundation for entry into almost any field.

Typically, the coursework is simpler, and the concepts are more relatable. You’ll learn about history, literature, philosophy, and other humanities subjects.

Recommended courses:

A. in Liberal Studies at Excelsior College

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities at Liberty University Online

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies at Colorado State University Global Campus

A linguistics program will teach you how language works by investigating the structure, use, and evolution of languages all over the world. Consider a bachelor’s degree in linguistics if you are culturally curious and enjoy languages. You’ll study philosophy of language, indigenous languages of Latin America, and contemporary English linguistics.






ESL Teacher


High School Teacher


Training and Development Specialist


Human Resources Specialist


Marketing is another excellent degree to get online. In fact, since most marketing is done online, it only makes sense to get acquainted with the tools and methods of digital marketing while you’re getting your degree.

With a degree in marketing, you’ll be prepared for a wide range of careers in fields such as advertising, market research, and product development. Marketing deals with the process of creating and delivering messages that promote a product or service. In other words, you’ll be responsible for getting people to buy stuff!

Recommended courses

BS in Marketing at Bellevue University

BBA in Marketing at Texas State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Oregon State University

For acoustical aesthetics, music programs focus on the performance of choral or instrumental sound. From Mozart to Madonna, students will sing their way through their studies. Furthermore, the following jobs may sound appealing to you:




recording executive

vocal coach

Recommended courses

Berklee College– BPS in Music Production Online

University of West Georgia– Bachelor of Music Online

Psychology is a popular and versatile major that examines the relationships between the brain, body, and behavior. The majority of schools require a statistics course. Most courses, on the other hand, involve reading and testing theories on people’s thought patterns. Getting inside the mind may be of interest to future psychiatric aides, therapists, victims advocates, and diversity officers, and psychology majors may also find employment in marketing, business, and design.

Recommended courses

Capella University– Bachelor of Science in Psychology Online

CUNY School of Professional Studies– Online BA in Psychology

Maryville University– Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Online

Sports management programs teach basic business to equip teams of undergrads for hitting homeruns in this exciting $73.5 billion industry. Online courses aren’t all fun and games, but they’ll be pretty easy for avid sports fans. SPM majors score job offers like arena manager, athletics administrator, contract analyst, agent, and fitness director.

Recommended courses

Wilmington University– Bachelor of Science in Sports Management Online

University of Iowa– Online B.S. in Sport and Recreation Management

The curriculum for sociology, like that of social science, is less rigorous than that of the physical and life sciences. Science and math are covered in general education courses, but only to an intermediate level. Its strong emphasis on qualitative research, combined with a broad liberal arts education, makes it appealing to students seeking quick degrees.

Students, on the other hand, must be prepared for the intensive reading and writing curriculum, which will put their comprehension and communication skills to the test.

A bachelor’s degree in theology or religious studies, another of the simplest online degrees, can lead to jobs both inside and outside of religious institutions. You’ll take classes like biblical studies, theological history, and ministry principles as part of your online religious studies degree. Some schools also offer specializations in ministry administration, pastoral counseling, and religious education.






Social Service Manager


Social Worker


Facilities Manager


Preschool Teacher


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Whether you’re a recent high school graduate looking for an easy degree program or a working adult looking to return to school, earning a degree doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult. Instead, earning a online degree can be simple.

With remote learning (and working) becoming the norm, earning an online degree provides students with the same level of credibility as traditional on-campus programs. Furthermore, when selecting the right person for the job, employers now regularly consider the reputation of the school as well as the candidate as a whole.

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