Top 15 Best Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturers In The World

Top 15 Best Bicycle & Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturers In The World

Bicycle and motorcycle helmets are made by a wide range of distinct brands all over the world. has compiled a list of the best motorcycle and bicycle helmet companies that are renowned for their products’ safety, design flexibility, and overall value to the riding community.

Each of these brands has undergone thorough testing for safety measures, and each has a unique origin story that explains how it came to be the brand that it is today.

Let’s now discuss the top 15 bicycle and motorcycle helmet brands in the world that you should think about when searching for the best of the best.

Country: Japan

Founded: 1959


Within the motorcycle helmet industry, Shoei is without a doubt one of, if not the most, recognizable brands. Since its founding in 1959, Shoei Kako Co. has continued to manufacture each helmet entirely by hand in Japan.

The RF-1400, the lightest and best-rated helmet they’ve designed in that lineup, is part of their most recent RF lineup design.

They have developed numerous different lineups for sport, touring, and pretty much every other riding style imaginable. When compared to other premium brands, they also consistently receive the highest safety ratings.

Country: Italy

Founded: 1947


Italian helmet maker AGV rose to the top spot in 2023.

Since 1947, AGV has produced very fine helmets, and they are well known for bearing the legendary head of Valentino.

Corsa R, Pista GP-R, and Veloce S, three of the six helmets tested since 2016 that are currently owned by Dainese, received the maximum five stars, while the other three received four stars. This proves that you can trust an AGV. Wowzers, AGV did a fantastic job. Here you can find our reviews of AGV helmets.

When it comes to the top tier of premium helmets on the market, they manufacture them and have some of the coolest graphics.

Because AGV helmets have stood the test of time and have some seriously awesome graphics on most of them, the majority of the people we ride with have always used them. Depending on the features and price range you’re looking for in a helmet, they also offer a wide range of models at various price points.

Valentino Rossi is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, modern riding champions, so if you follow MotoGP at all, you’ll know that AGV has strong ties to champion riders. That has also demonstrated a significant portion of their market reputation and popularity.

Country: USA

Founded: 1974

Revenue: $211.34 million


Jeff Fox established Fox Head Inc., operated by Fox Racing, as a motocross apparel company in 1974. A brand of protective gear and clothing for extreme sports (primarily motocross and mountain biking), Fox Head Inc. was established in the United States in 1974. The founders of Fox, along with his sons Greg and Pete Fox, run the privately held business with the assistance of Altamont Capital Partners.

Fox sells sportswear all over the world that it has created, developed, and distributed. Today, the company still places a strong emphasis on motocross while expanding into other extreme sports apparel and developing innovative, cost-effective, and secure helmets.

Country: Japan

Founded: 1926


The Arai Helmet Ltd. company was established in 1926, and all of their helmets are made by hand in Japan. The Corsair-X helmets are their newest and most expensive line, the result of decades of helmet manufacturing.

Their lineups offer a wide range of options, with the Corsair-X lineup being their most well-liked and best-rated option.

They are highly regarded and prioritize safety precautions. Arai is constantly working to improve its manufacturing processes in order to produce the most premium and secure helmets possible.

Country: USA

Founded: 2003

Revenue Range: $1M – $4.9M


KongUSA, LLC Bristol, RI manufacturer of ABS and polycarbonate bicycle and motorcycle helmets. Types include shock-absorbing, dielectric, climbing and multisport helmets.

Bicycle and motorcycle helmets made of ABS and polycarbonate are produced by Kong-USA, LLC. Helmet types include multi-sport, climbing, dielectric, and shock-absorbing models. available in a range of sizes with a circumference of 51 to 64 cm.

There are also additional accessories available, including snap earmuffs, noise-canceling headphones, and sun visors. suitable for adventure parks, cableway evacuation, canyoning, snow and ice, ferrata, mountain rescue, helicopter rescue, scaffolding and trestles, tree climbing or arboriculture, sailboats, fire brigades, and civil defense.

Some brands are Lift.

Country: USA

Founded: 1997

Revenue Range: Under $1M


A machine shop houses Gruntechnica, Inc., which is situated in Gresham, Oregon, in the United States. chiseled goods, as well as the screw, nut, and bolt sector.

Full service custom helmets, bicycle and motorcycle helmets from Grune Technica in Gresham, Oregon. Acrylics, plastics, aluminum, zinc, brass, steel, stainless steel, urethanes, silicones, foams, and composites are among the materials used. Product development, engineering, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, welding, rotational molding, vacuum molding, injection molding, injection molding, stamping, and assembly are among the capabilities.

Country: USA

Founded: 1954

Revenue: $157,431


Since their founding as the Bell Brothers Company in 1954, Bell Helmets has been producing helmets.The Bell helmet, which has an overall safety rating of 4.4 and provides maximum protection even off-road, is the one that professional motocross riders favor.

The first full face motorcycle helmet was introduced in 1960, and it quickly gained popularity among both racers and riders due to its excellent protection against impact injuries like broken cheekbones and jaws as well as its aerodynamic design, which helped riders experience less wind resistance when traveling at high speeds. Bell Helmets are among the most popular motorcycle helmets on the market right now, and it makes sense why.

We’ve reviewed a number of Bell products in the past, such as the Bell Bullitt Helmet, which we praised for its vintage style and how comfortable it was to wear throughout our testing (we even gave it an award). The Bell RS1 modular helmet, which we also reviewed, was decent but not quite up to par with some of the other modular helmets we’ve tested. The Bell RS1 Carbon had a carbon fiber shell and a stunning appearance, but its features fell short of those of our top-rated modular helmets.

Bell Helmet is a high-end product with a unique quick-release face shield and a range of mid-range prices.

Country: South Korea

Founded in 1998

Revenue: $155,797


Corporation JTECH Since its founding in 1998, JTECH Corporation has steadfastly dominated the market as a producer of OEM motorcycle helmets.

They devote all of the company’s resources to ensuring that motorcycle helmets are as safe as possible while also having outstanding design and cutting-edge features.

Our ability to collaborate with well-known motorcycle brands is largely made possible by our commitment to continuous R&D differentiation, manufacturing expertise founded on zero-defect manufacturing, stringent standard testing, and certification management. They have high-end helmets as accessories.

Country: South Korea

Founded: 1971


American police departments and motorcycle riders who want a reliable, no-nonsense helmet without breaking the bank are particularly fond of HJC helmets. Their premium model, the HJC RPHA Max Helmet, is available in sizes XS to XXL. You can choose to ride with your full face covered because it is an open-face helmet. With the AirFit cheek pad design, you can customize the air pressure for a secure fit. Additionally, a retractable sun visor is provided so that you can ride comfortably even on hot days.

HJC has only produced motorcycle helmets for all levels of riders since 1971. They have a sizable selection of premium options in almost every style of helmet you can imagine.

They have held the top spot for North American helmet brands since 1992, according to Motorcycle Industry Magazine, and they still do!

One of the few helmet producers with a dedicated wind tunnel testing facility for testing ventilation, aerodynamics, noise, etc. It’s understandable why they’re regarded as the top North American brand thanks to cutting-edge testing and design.

They frequently appear on our website in all of our helmet guides and have a large number of highly rated helmets that have passed SHARP testing. When it comes to a company that offers a variety of helmets for every price range and application, HJC is a name that is difficult to ignore.

Country: South Korea

Founded: 2004


ScorpionEXO, a division of Kido Sports, is known for producing affordable, safe, and comfortable helmets, earning them a special place in the market. Every helmet they produce features some incredibly well-designed aerodynamics, and both sport and daily commuter riders adore them.

Korea-based Kido Sports has been producing helmets since 2001, and Scorpion was founded in 2004. Kido Sports has recently expanded partnerships to a number of international locations and has continued to expand and produce excellent helmets for riders.

Right now, the Scorpion EXO-R420 is their most highly regarded and well-liked helmet, and for good reason. It is a very protective full-face helmet with significant safety features that prioritize comfort and aerodynamics. It is the total package for a mid-range full-face helmet.

Country: Italy

Founded: 1972


Nolan has been producing helmets in Italy since 1972. They produce their helmets in-house in their factory in Italy, giving them a great chance to inspect each one firsthand to make sure they live up to the high standards they have set for Nolan helmets.

Nolan Helmets’ main objective is to provide premium, feature-rich, innovative riding helmets at the lowest price possible.

Their N100-5 flip-up helmet, which has an ultra-wide face shield that is PinLock ready, a wide flip-down sun shield, and reliable aerodynamics that don’t compromise the premium “elegant” design they’ve managed with the N100-5, is undoubtedly their best-selling model.

Country: USA

Founded: 2002


Icon Motosports was founded in 2002, and they continue their strive of creating some of the most unique styles and graphics of helmets on the market.

Icon’s Airflite helmet lineup is one of their most popular lines as it’s an aggressive and distinctive helmet designed for those that prefer a helmet with the purpose of style and performance.

Although Icon helmets aren’t on the higher end when it comes to the SHARP tests, they’re still a high-quality manufacturer and provide some of the coolest graphic art on their helmets. They also have lineups of other gear such as jackets, gloves, and boots.

When it comes to style points and performance while riding, Icon helmets are at the top of the scale. While they don’t come out on top in rigorous safety testing, they sure come out on top when it comes to flair and grit.

Country: Germany

Founded: 1954


Schuberth has manufactured safety work, police, fire, F1, and military helmets since the 1940s and started creating premium motorcycle helmets in 1954.

They manufacture their helmets in Germany where they also have an in-house wind tunnel, climate rig, and acoustics laboratory. Focused, meticulous development from start to finish providing premium levels of safety – that’s what Schuberth is all about.

They’re extremely consistent in having high safety ratings with all of their helmets and have always been a top pick when it comes to exceptional helmet performance.

Country: France

Founded: 1986


Shark, a French helmet producer that was established in 1986, was the first to create and design a number of riding helmet innovations for the market.

Shark produced the first helmet with visible carbon in 1991.

They produced the first helmet with dual ECE certification in 2007.

In 2015, they created the first helmet with LEDs built right in.

The RACE-R PRO series helmet from their company was the first to receive FIM certification for all helmet sizes, from XS to XL.

Shark has a significant racing presence and boasts many champion riders. With each helmet they design, they achieve some of the highest safety ratings and produce some of the best racing helmets on the market.

In a nutshell, Shark’s commitment to nearly perfectionism in design is unmatched when it comes to racing helmet performance.

Country: USA

Founded: 1898


A manufacturer of delivery, recreational, electric, and heavy-duty industrial bicycles and tricycles is Worksman Cycles. Cargo, front-load, folding, and side-by-side team dual tricycles are some of its various types.

Additionally, a wide variety of accessories are available, such as cable locks, pedal extenders, and helmets. The business was established in 1898 and is situated in Ozone Park, New York.

To ride safely, you must wear a good motorcycle and bicycle helmet. Your choice of helmet will depend on a number of variables, including:

Every rider has their own sense of style, so there are many different helmet types, colors, and graphics available. Basic black is always “cool,” but keep in mind that a rider may draw more attention from drivers if their helmet is brightly colored, hi-vis, or even has garish graphics on it. One of the keys to riding—and arriving—safely is making sure drivers can see you.

After that, think about the kind of riding you’ll be doing. Sportbike canyon carving? traveling a great distance? driving down the street? using the roads to access the trails? There are numerous ways to enjoy motorcycling, and a wide variety of helmets are available to match each way. When looking for a helmet, just like when purchasing a bike, it’s crucial to take into account what, where, and how you ride.

Of course, the proper fit of a motorcycle helmet is crucial. Any helmet you wear while riding needs to fit snugly and be comfortable for extended periods of time; a good helmet will have a variety of shell sizes and shapes to accommodate all head sizes and shapes. If you ride with prescription glasses, think about how they will fit.

Weight is a crucial factor in addition to shape. A lighter helmet may be more comfortable, but because they are made of higher-quality materials, super-lightweight helmets (say, 3 to 3.5 pounds) are frequently more expensive. Either that, or you shouldn’t buy them because they are cheap junk.

Some riders require features like internal sun visors and built-in speakers/comms systems (or places to install them), while others don’t care about them. Before you commit, decide what’s important to you.

An essential component of any motorcycle helmet is wind noise. But until you ride with a helmet, you won’t know how loud it is on the road. For this reason, you ought to try to purchase a motorcycle helmet from a dealer or a retailer of clothing and equipment like Cycle Gear or Revzilla. If a helmet is too loud for you, most companies have return or exchange policies that allow you to exchange it for another.

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