Top 12 Free Apps To Find The Best Scholarships – For Students

Top 12 Free Apps To Find The Best Scholarships – For Students

The cost of college is always a big challenge for most students. To ease the burden of costs and debt, students often look for scholarships, especially students in poor countries. However, finding the right scholarship and how to get it is a bigger challenge for most students.

To search and get scholarships in the easiest and simplest way, students should refer to KnowInsisers’ Top 30+ Best Websites To Find Scholarships For International Students article.

For your convenience, you should download and install on your smartphne the free applications below to help you search and win scholarships in the easiest way.

Some of the best scholarship applications available today have been reviewed, tested and recommended by KnowInsisers. These applications provide a full source of useful, detailed and latest information about scholarships from developed countries such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia and many European countries, etc.

With just one application, Scholarship Owl enables you to apply for hundreds of scholarships.

With Scholarship Owl, you can submit for hundreds of scholarships with just one application, much like the Common App does for college applications. You can easily apply for one or multiple scholarships at once using the website’s scholarship database, which it searches using the information you provide.

ScholarshipOwl is endorsed by a wide range of trustworthy organizations, including Forbes and NewsWatch, and can truly assist all types of scholarship-minded users.

With the help of this fantastic app, one can enter their information and educational objectives, and the app will then automatically search for scholarship opportunities that match their requirements and objectives.

Along with this fantastic service, ScholarshipOwl itself provides new users with a number of additional bonuses, such as “scholarship-doubling” and a $1,000 registration scholarship opportunity.

Scholarship App Is Available at:

It has aided hundreds of thousands of students in winning scholarships worth more than $100 million. Simply register, fill out a few personal questions about yourself, your residence, and your interests, and Scholly will match you with regional and international scholarships.

Scholly has a searchable database of scholarships as well as a matching feature to help you find the ideal scholarship for your requirements. The app also aids you in the process by keeping track of your deadlines and progress, and providing access to winning scholarship essays that can serve as examples.

The witty Scholly Search app, with its user-friendly interface and access to a wealth of inside connections, makes finding scholarships simple. Users of this one have access to a sizable pool of scholarships via a mobile or desktop connection, and the app’s special matching system pairs the best-match scholarships to the user based on their individual preferences. You can always stay informed about the status of your application, deadlines, pending tasks, and other important details thanks to the “Scholarship Tracking” feature of the app.

Scholarship App is Available on iOS and Android devices and at:

You have access to more than 3.7 million local, state, and federal college scholarships and grants through

The group’s namesake scholarship app allows an even larger and more constantly on-the-go audience to access, a pioneer in the field of online scholarship directory services. As one of the first online resources of its kind, the official website was launched in 1998. The website’s subsequent app offers the same functionality as the original website. With the help of this app, users can create a unique profile, gain access to a sizable database of scholarship opportunities, and even make use of a variety of additional resources to aid in the search for financial aid.

Their platform will present you with a list of scholarships that match your profile after you complete a questionnaire about your academic strengths, interests, activities, and skills.

Scholarship App is Available on iOS and Android devices and at:

This app has a scholarship calculator that enables you to see a college’s actual cost after accounting for financial aid and scholarships.

Although College Raptor is a directory for finding colleges, their College Scholarship Calculator app is where they really shine. With the help of this app, you can determine a college’s actual cost after accounting for financial aid and scholarships. You can compare the typical financial aid packages offered by colleges and get an idea of how much money you might be eligible for in scholarships based on your GPA and SAT/ACT test results.

Scholarship App Is Available on iOS and Android devices and at:

One of StudentAdvisor’s many tools is the scholarship advisor. You can search a database of thousands of scholarships by type and school using the app. You can see which scholarships require a lot of competition and which are simpler to get.

To make it simple for you to see which scholarships you have already applied for and when deadlines are approaching, Scholarship Advisor keeps track of all of your scholarships for you.

Scholarship App Is Available on iOS devices and at:

Students can start accumulating worthwhile micro-scholarships by using the RaiseMe app as early as the ninth grade. A student can post accomplishments to the RaiseMe app after registering, and depending on the importance of those specific accomplishments, they may be rewarded with scholarship money. This app not only raises money for scholarships, but it also acts as a simple yet valuable information source for US colleges and the associated tuition costs.

Scholarship App Is Available at:

The PLEXUSS College Admission Help app is a fantastic app-based resource for finding scholarships. Users of PLEXUSS can find a wide range of fantastic scholarship opportunities as well as information on financial aid, the best colleges for them, and much more.

The “Connections” feature of the app even enables users to connect and communicate with other, like-minded users to increase their networking opportunities and versatility.

Scholarship App Is Available at: Google Play

The term “HBCU” refers to historically black colleges and universities, and it is with these particular institutions of learning that the HBCU HUB app connects students. With the HBCU HUB app, users can look up HBCUs, learn about them, read reviews and ratings, find out about scholarship opportunities, and use the app’s fantastic matchmaker to find the best matches.

This app contains practically everything a person could need to find a good HBCU, find and apply for relevant scholarships, and enroll in college.

Scholarship App Is Available at: or Apple Store

Raptor’s College Scholarship Calculator app, which is only available to Apple device users, is a popular pick for that group of students.

With the help of this app, you can locate colleges based on your location and other criteria, create a list of potential schools you might be interested in, receive assessments of your chances of being accepted into each of those schools, and learn about the various financial aid options available at each of those institutions.

When trying to select a school from a long list, this app’s side-by-side cost and stat comparisons are especially helpful.

Scholarship App Is Available at: Apple Store

Pocket Points: Student Rewards is a great and simple option that enables students to earn financial benefits in one of two ways, despite the fact that it isn’t exactly a scholarship app in and of itself. This app will compensate you if you can manage to spend the entirety of your class period completely phone-free. Additionally, you are rewarded for driving entirely hands-free.

Rewards points can then be converted into a wide range of deals, credits, coupons, offers, and other financial benefits that can all come in handy during those financially challenging college years.

Scholarship App Is Available at:

A great app to use for getting quick access to a wealth of scholarships and their requirements is Fastweb College Scholarships. But this app also provides access to school directory information, personalized search options, and helpful career guidance, so access to scholarships is just the beginning.

Utilize the well-liked choice that US News and World Report, CBS Money Watch, The Chicago Tribune, and others have recommended by downloading it on Apple or Android.

Scholarship App Is Available at:

College Hunch may be the ideal solution for anyone looking for that extra, crucial hunch of advice on the college admissions process. With the help of this fantastic scholarship app, finding out about scholarships and receiving school advice is as simple as tapping a screen. A large database of scholarships, the ability to track important dates and deadlines for scholarships, as well as in-depth demographic rundowns are just a few of the features offered by College Hunch.

College Hunch, one of the best scholarship apps available right now, even offers instant spreadsheet capabilities so that the user can compile and analyze specific school and scholarship data on their own.

Scholarship App Is Available at: Apple Store

Here are some crucial suggestions that can enable you to increase your chances of success as you start looking for scholarships to assist you with paying for school:

• Make use of various scholarship search tools.

• begin well in advance of the coming academic year.

• Do not disregard the small awards; numerous small scholarships quickly add up.

• respect due dates.

• Before submitting your essays, ask a parent or school counselor to read them and provide feedback.

• Be honest about your accomplishments without fear.

• See if any local universities offer workshops on applying for scholarships so you can learn more advice.

• As many scholarship applications as you can submit will increase your chances of winning.

• To find out if there are any institutional or departmental scholarships available, get in touch with the financial aid office at your school.

Keep a spreadsheet with the scholarship names, due dates, and application statuses if you’re applying for multiple scholarships. Try to apply for as many scholarships as possible because the more you get, the more money you’ll have to put toward your education.

There is a lot of money available for deserving students, and these tools can assist you in obtaining it. Remember to exhaust all scholarship and federal financial aid options before considering more expensive private loans.

Applying for scholarships is a great way to make college more affordable. Colleges award scholarships for academic, athletic, and artistic achievement. Scholarships for membership, legacy, or service are frequently offered by external companies, foundations, or community organizations. Consider your strengths; there is almost certainly a scholarship available for them.

However, finding the right scholarship can be difficult. That is why we have compiled a list of the best mobile-friendly apps and websites to assist you in locating the financial assistance you require.

Prestigious universities around the world always offer scholarships at different study levels for international students. Check out what scholarships you are qualified.

International students often fantasize about studying in Europe. The majority of the top foreign student scholarships come from European countries.

Switzerland is one of European countries with high-quality education. Every year the Swiss Government and universities offer various scholarships for international students.

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