Top 10+ Worst Colleges That Have The Most Crimes In The US

Top 10+ Worst Colleges That Have The Most Crimes In The US

There are numerous concerns that arise when you send your child off to college. Tuition costs, homesickness, and mental health are usually at the top of the list for students, while safety is the primary concern for parents. Going from a situation where your child’s activities are at least minimally monitored to having no idea whether or not they returned home the night before is a terrifying thought. In this article, we will learn about Top 10 Worst Colleges That Have The Most Crimes In The US.

Campus safety is critical for the safety of those who study, work, and visit there, as well as for creating a safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff. To ensure student and staff safety, most campuses have campus police, security, emergency services, and counseling services.

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Because of a history of sexual abuse at the hands of university physicians, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor has the highest rates of violent crime.

According to FBI crime data, the University of Michigan had the ninth-highest number of property crimes in 2019, with 523 cases among 47,543 students. According to Michigan Live, overall crime on the university’s campus has decreased in recent years. Sexual harassment reports, on the other hand, have increased.

According to Cleary Crime statistics for the Ann Arbor campus for 2020, 2019, and 2018, liquor and drug law violations were high, while most other crime numbers were very low. Like other schools, the university’s public safety division provided a list of ways to keep people and their belongings safe (via DPSS).

The University of Michigan faces the same problems and crimes as many other universities, but according to Cleary Crime statistics, they appear to be doing something right.

2. Ohio State University

Because of a history of sexual abuse at the hands of university physicians, Ohio State University has the highest rates of violent crime. Although these heinous crimes occurred decades ago, they were only recently thoroughly investigated and reported. There is evidence in both cases that university personnel were aware of the abuse but did nothing at the time.

The college will remain on the list of most dangerous universities due to their gross negligence and the hundreds of students who were abused.

According to the FBI’s university crime data, UC Berkeley had the highest number of robberies (22 cases) and the second-highest number of property crimes (763 cases) in 2019. With 44,235 students, the school also had the third-highest rate of violent crime (70 cases). Because UC Berkeley is a large and wealthy institution, these figures are not surprising. A large school may provide numerous opportunities for people to steal various items, either to keep or sell. It’s also close to San Francisco, a major U.S. city that Stanford University named “Nearly the Most Crime-Ridden City in the U.S.” So, you know, that’s not going to help.

According to Berkeleyside, the school was hit with a string of robberies in early November 2021, despite the city of Berkeley’s average of one robbery per day. Because UC Berkeley’s campus is so large, all four would-be robbers were able to flee on foot in different directions. Two Berkeley students were almost robbed while out walking in August 2021, but they were able to flee, writes Kron4. The goal in this case was to get away quickly and safely, and it was accomplished.

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In 2019, Xavier University reported 513 incidents involving crime and safety. These incidents involving students occurred on or near campus or on other school-related properties. With a student population of 6,973, that equates to 73.57 incidents per 1,000 students.


Number of Incidents

Max Number of Incidents (at any school)

Number of Incidents per 1,000 students

Max Number of Incidents per 1000 students (at any school)

Arrests for Major Crimes





Arrests for Possession





Violence Against Women





Disciplinary Actions





In 2019, the University of Iowa reported 807 incidents involving crime and safety. These incidents involving students occurred on campus. That equates to 25.83 incidents per 1,000 students based on a student body population of 31,240.


Number of Incidents

Number of Incidents per 1,000 students

Incident Percentage

Arrests for Major Crimes




Arrests for Possession




Violence Against Women




Disciplinary Actions




Marquette University students have the highest risk of becoming a victim of a violent crime. Nonetheless, as with other schools, violent crime at Marquette is less common than property crime. Over the course of a four-year term, nearly one in every 1,000 students at Marquette is affected — a 1% chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.

Vanderbilt University is the school where students are most likely to be victims of property crime, with 109 students per 1,000 victims every four years. This means that there is an 11% chance that a Vanderbilt student will be a victim of property crime.

During an April 30 shooting that injured four students, UNC at Charlotte saw the most murders (two) at a university in 2019. With 33,673 students, UNC was the only school on the FBI’s 2019 list to see multiple murders, sadly as a result of a senseless tragedy.

Trystan Andrew Terrell, 22, was arrested in April on two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder, according to NBC News. The school was put on lockdown on April 30, and police officers went from room to room to see who was hiding in safe places. According to CBS, Terrell “researched” the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and had planned this action for months (though his exact motivations remain unknown). He pled guilty in September and was sentenced to two lifetime prison sentences rather than the death penalty (via WBTV).

Riley Howell, 21, was shot and killed by Terrell. At the time of sentencing, his girlfriend’s father read a letter to the court from his daughter. “I’m not in the courtroom today because the defendant is not worth my time, energy, or thoughts.” “I will never think of him again after today,” she wrote (via WBTV). “He will not be missed; he is not deserving of that honor.” He will, however, be forgotten.”

According to FBI university crime data, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities had the fifth-highest number of property crimes in 2019, with 667 cases and 64,115 students. The Minnesota Daily analyzed data in 2020 and discovered that thievery in all its forms increased across university neighborhoods throughout the year.

According to the Minnesota Daily, property crime exploded in the university’s Dinkytown area in May 2021, then began to taper off throughout the rest of the year. That is most likely due to the presence of more police officers and cameras on campus after May. The university also added more blue light kiosks, which alerted either the university police or the Minneapolis police when activated.

With 30,280 students, the University of New Mexico had the most aggravated assault (84 cases) and violent crime (100 cases) of any school on the list, according to the FBI’s 2019 university crime data. In addition, 14 rapes have been reported at UMN in 2019.

According to 2019 data, rapes appear to be on the rise at the university, according to the New Mexico News Port. However, there were newer channels for reporting rapes, and university officials had reviewed the resources themselves. Domestic violence and stalking reports had also increased, though aggravated assault had decreased slightly.

With only one forcible rape, four robberies, and two aggravated assaults in 2011, 2011 was a relatively nonviolent year.UC Riverside intends to continue encouraging crime reporting because it is the only way to ensure that it is addressed.

Your headline, and the way you have used the statistics to brand certain college campuses “the most dangerous” is in fact a step in the wrong direction for crime prevention. An intentionally inflammatory headline is now being widely disseminated. Comparing all reported crime will necessarily include those reports that are false or mistaken. A more relevant statistic is available in the Clery Act reports compiled and released each year.

Allow me to quote from a response to the article from Campus Security Magazine, and to argue that the same statistics you have looked at might mean something very different: “When crime stats are higher, it often means the campus in question is realistically dealing with its crime problem and is dedicated to transparency. In essence, more reports of crime very often mean members of the campus community are better informed about threats to their safety.”

University name

Number of violent crimes on campus reported between 2019-2021*

1. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


2. Ohio State University


3. UC Berkeley


4. Xavier University


5. University of Iowa


6. Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine


7. The Pennsylvania State University


8. Stanford University


9. Texas A & M University, College Station


10. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities


11. University of Southern California, University Park Campus


12. University of New Mexico


13. Vanderbilt University


14. Auburn University


15. Texas State University


16. Texas Tech University, Lubbock


17. The University of Alabama


18. Drexel University, University City Campus


19. University of Houston, Central Campus


20. University of Arizona


21. University of Florida, Gainesville


22. UC San Diego


23. Michigan State University


24. Johns Hopkins University


25. Prairie View A & M University


26. University of Washington, Seattle


27. University of North Texas


College is difficult enough without having to worry about violent crime.Nonetheless, crime is a reality on and near many college campuses. Knowing the most dangerous colleges with highest rate of crimes in the US will help students prevent further incidents.

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