Top 10 Most Hottest Actors in Korean Drama 2024

Top 10 Most Hottest Actors in Korean Drama 2024

In the global rankings of the most beautiful face or hottest boy, there are Korean actors‘ names. The charm of Korean film actors is increasingly confirmed by the number of fans on social media accounts and the hotness of the films they participate in.

Join to discuss the most handsome and hottest actors of the Korean film industry in 2023 and 2024.

Date of birth – March 30, 1997

Place of worth – Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Age – 26 years

Occupation – Singer, actor, and model

Years Active – 2015–present

One of the most attractive Korean singers and actors, Cha Eun-woo also works as a model for the Fantagio brand. He is a member of the well-known boy band Astro from South Korea. 2014’s “My Brilliant Life” gave Cha his acting debut in a supporting role.

Cha rose to fame after taking the lead role in the JTBC romantic comedy “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” in 2018. He joined the “Master in the House” cast in 2020, and at the SBS Entertainment Awards, he took home the Rookie Award.

Apart from singing, Cha is a very talented and well-known actor in South Korea. He is best known for his roles in the dramas To Be Continued (2015), My Romantic Some Recipe (2016), Sweet Revenge (2017), My ID Is Gangnam Beauty (2018), Top Management (2018), Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019), Soul Plate (2019), True Beauty (2020), Island Season 1 (2022), and A Good Day to be a Dog (TBA).

His acting prowess and beauty have made him a household name both domestically and abroad. He is renowned for his superb acting, adorable face, singing, ideal and fashionable body posture, and beautiful eyes.

Date of birth: 14 September 1989

Age: 33 years

Occupation: Actor and Model

Years Active: 2005–present

One of the most attractive actors and models from South Korea is Lee Jong-Suk. He made his runway debut in 2005, making history as the youngest male model to ever take part in Seoul Fashion Week.

His roles in School (2013), Doctor Stranger (2014), Pinocchio (2014), W (2016), While You Were Sleeping (2017), The Hymn of Death (2018), I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), and Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019) have made him well-known.

High Kick! is one of his other well-liked dramas. His previous dramas include Big Mouth (2022), Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019), The Revenge of the Short Legged (2011, 2012), School 2013 (2012, 2013), I Hear Your Voice (2013, 2014), Doctor Stranger (2014, 2014), Pinocchio (2014, 2014), W (2016, 2017), While You Were Sleeping (2017, 2018), The Hymn of Death (2018, 2018), and Jade Lovers (TBA), his upcoming drama.

He not only has the best acting abilities, but also the best body posture, the most amazing smile, the most stunning eyes, and the best behavior.

Date of birth: 17 April 1982

Occupation: Actor, singer, dancer, and Model

Age: 41 years

Years Active: 2001–present

South Korean actor, singer, model, creative director, and businessman Lee Joon-gi is handsome. He made his acting debut in the 2005 movie The King and the Clown, which helped him gain fame and notoriety. In the romantic comedy My Girl (2005–2006), he also achieved fame.

Following these movies, he expanded into other categories like historical dramas and action thrillers. He is the most well-known and recognizable Hallyu star in the entire world. On our list of the Top 10 Sexiest Korean Actors for 2023, he holds the top spot.

Popular dramas directed by Lee Joon-gi include My Girl (2005), Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007), Iljimae (2008), Arang and the Magistrate (2012), Two Weeks (2013), Gunman in Joseon (2014), The Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015), Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016), Criminal Minds (2017), Lawless Lawyer (2018), Flower of Evil (2020), Again My Life (2022), and Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 (2023).

Lee Joon-gi is well-known and is referred to as “flower boy” by his admirers. He has excellent acting abilities and beautiful eyes. He looks even more attractive to his fans every time they see him.

Date of birth: September 19, 1985

Occupation: Actor

Age: 37 years

Years Active: 2008–present

One of the most attractive actors from South Korea is Song Joong Ki. In dramas and movies like Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010), Running Man, The Innocent Man, Descendants of the Sun, Arthdal Chronicles, and Vincenzo, he rose to fame and received praise for his outstanding acting. The most well-known of his films is A Werewolf Boy (2012).

Song was wed to the actress Song Hye Kyo from 2017 to 2019, with whom he co-starred in the series “Descendants of the Sun.”

Song received the Gallup Korea Actor of the Year award in 2017 and debuted at number seven on Forbes Korea’s list of Power Celebrities. He moved up the rankings, landing in second place in 2017 and eighth place in 2018, and his reputation as a leading Hallyu star grew as his works achieved success abroad.

In addition to Descendants of the Sun (2016), The Innocent Man (2012), The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land (2019), The Children of Prophecy (2019), The Arthdal Chronicles Part 1: The Children of Prophecy (2019), The Arthdal Chronicles Part 2: The Sky Turning Inside Out, The Prelude To All Legends (2019), Vincenzo (2021), and Reborn Rich (2022), he is well known for his dramas.

He is well-known for his acting prowess. He is renowned for his laid-back appearance, ideal body alignment, and attractive eyes.

Date of birth: 5 July 1987

Age: 36 years

Occupation: Actor and singer

Years Active: 2006–present

Ji Chang Wook is a charming actor and singer from South Korea. In the television drama series Smile Again, Warrior Baek Dong-soo, Empress Ki, Healer, The K2, Suspicious Partner, Melting Me Softly, Backstreet Rookie, and Lovestruck in the City, he rose to prominence and recognition as a leading man.

Song began his career in musical theater while pursuing a degree in performing arts at Dankook University. He made his official debut in the independent film “Sleeping Beauty” in 2008.

For his part as Carl Laker/Dong Hae in the daily drama “Smile, Dong Hae” (2010), Ji Chang Wook became well-known. At the KBS Drama Awards, he won a “Excellence Award, actor in a Daily Drama” for his work. In 2011, he appeared in “Warrior Baek Dong Soo,” his first historical drama, as one of the main characters. At the SBS Drama Awards, he was given a “New Star Award” for this performance.

With his portrayal of Ta Hwan in the historical drama “Empress Ki” (2013–2014), Ji Chang Wook’s fame grew. For this performance, he received a “Excellence Award for an actor” at the 2013 MBC Drama Awards in a Special Project Drama. He also won “Best New Actor” at The Musical Awards in 2013 for his performance in the well-known musical “The Days.”

One of the most well-known and prosperous Korean actors is Ji Chang Wook.

His well-known dramas include My Too Perfect Sons (2009), Smile, Dong Hae (2010), Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011), Five Fingers (2012), Empress Ki (2013), Healer (2014), The Whirlwind Girl 2 (2016), The K2 (2016), Suspicious Partner (2017), Melting Me Softly (2019), Backstreet Rookie (2020), Lovestruck in the City (2020), The Sound of Magic (2022), and If You Wish Upon Me (2022).

Ji Chang Wook is renowned for his excellent demeanor, versatile acting styles, mesmerizing eyes, and perfect body posture.

Date of birth: February 16, 1988

Age: 35 years

Occupation: Actor, singer, dancer, and Model

Years Active: 2007–present

One of the best-paid actors in South Korea is Kim Soo-Hyun. He has won numerous accolades throughout his career, but four Baeksang Arts Awards, two Grand Bell Awards, and one Blue Dragon Film Award stand out.

He rose to fame in Hallyu. He also achieved fame and notoriety for his roles in the musical drama The Producers and the fantasy romantic comedy My Love from the Star. He has been included in the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 list. He was included in Forbes’ 2016 list of the 30 Under 30 Asians.

The dramas he is best known for are Father’s House (2009), Dream High (2011), Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), My Love from the Star (2013), The Producers (2015), It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020), and One Ordinary Day (2021). Queen of Tears, his upcoming drama, will be released in 2023.

He is undoubtedly one of South Korea’s most attractive actors. People in Asia and South Korea adore Kim Soo-Hyun for his natural beauty and acting ability.

Date of birth: 16 June 1993

Age: 30 years

Occupation: Actor and Model

Years Active: 2011–present

South Korean actor and singer Park Bo-gum is very handsome. With his various roles as a brilliant Go player in Reply 1988, a psychotic lawyer in Hello Monster, and a prince in Love in the Moonlight, he rose to fame and recognition.

His career accomplishments include becoming the youngest actor to be named Gallup Korea’s Television Actor of the Year and being the first actor to come in at the top of Forbes’ list of Korean Power Celebrities. He is well known for his honorable disposition and good looks. His influence on popular culture has been dubbed “Bo Gum Magic,” and following the release of “Love in the Moonlight,” he was given the moniker “Nation’s Crown Prince.” His devoted following, which consists of both young people and older people, has also affectionately dubbed him the leading contender for “Nation’s Son-in-Law.”

Park Bo-Gum is best known for his dramas Wonderful Mama (2013), Hello Monster (2015), Reply 1988 (2015), Love in the Moonlight (2016), Encounter (2018), Record of Youth (2020), and his upcoming drama ‘Life’ in 2023.

Park Bo-gum has lovely eyes and excellent acting skills. He also has a great posture. Even in pain, he still manages to look handsome. He never lets his admirers down. For his good looks, he has devoted followers.

Date of birth: 17 August 1993

Age: 29 years

Occupation: Actor and Model

Years Active: 2005–present

Yoo Seung-ho is a handsome actor from South Korea. As a young actor in The Way Home (2002), he achieved fame and notoriety. He made his acting debut as a young child in a number of movies and TV shows. He made her acting debut in the drama Daddy Fish, playing the lead.

In 2010, Seung Ho and IU performed the duet “I Believe In Love” for the Korean charity program Love Request. Seung Ho based the song on a journal he kept while visiting slums in India and Sri Lanka and witnessing the challenging living conditions there. The duet was performed as a part of the production, which aimed to support those in need by raising money and awareness.

He served in the military as well. He made his acting debut in movies like Remember (2015), Joseon Magician (2015), Secondary: The Man Who Sells the River (2016), I’m Not a Robot (2017), and My Strange Hero (2018) after providing his services.

Daddy Fish (2000), Queen Seon Duk (2009), Master of Study (2010), Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011), Missing You (2012), Remember: War of the Son (2015), The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017), I’m Not a Robot (2017), My Strange Hero (2018), Memorist (2020), Moonshine (2021), and his upcoming drama “Deal” in 2023 are among Yoo Seung-ho’s best-known works.

Yoo is renowned for his roles as children. His early years have made him famous. Yoo Seung-ho has lovely eyes and excellent posture. He has stunning good looks.

Date of birth: September 25, 1982

Age: 40 years

Occupation: Actor

Years Active: 2003–present

One of the most attractive South Korean actors is Hyun Bin. In 2005, he became well-known and acknowledged for his performance in the romantic comedy television drama My Name is Kim Sam-soon. In other movies like Secret Garden (a romantic fantasy drama), Memories of the Alhambra (a fantasy drama), and Crash Landing on You (a romantic drama), he has acted in leading roles.

Hyun Bin’s outstanding performance in the melodrama movie Late Autumn earned him a spot on the 61st Berlin International Film Festival’s screening list. Throughout his career, he has received many honors; the Baeksang Arts Awards and the Grand Prize (Daesang) for TV are two that stand out.

His most watched dramas include Memory of the Alhambra (2018), Crash Landing on You (2019), My Lovely Sam Soon (2005, 2006), The Snow Queen (2006, 2008), Friend, Our Legend (2009, 2010), Secret Garden (2010, 2015), Hyde, Jekyll, Me (2015, 2018), and Nonstop 4 (2003, 2018).

Date of birth: June 22, 1987

Age: 36 years

Occupation: Model, Actor, and Singer

Years Active: 2003–present

One of the most attractive South Korean actors is Lee Min-ho. He is also a businessman, a model, a singer, and a director. He rose to fame and distinction for his performance as Gu Jun-Pyo in Boys Over Flowers (2009), for which he also won the Best Actor prize at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards.

In the 2015 movies Gangnam Blues, Bounty Hunters, and Line Romance, which collectively brought in over US$51 million, Lee made his debut in a lead role. His leading roles in television series like Personal Taste (2010), City Hunter (2011), The Heirs (2013), and The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) have made him the most well-known actor in the world. He is well-liked not only in South Korea but also internationally.

He is best known for his dramas, which include Ask the Stars (2023), The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), Get Up (2008), Boys Over Flowers (2009), Personal Taste (2010), City Hunter (2011), Faith (2012), The Heirs (2013), and The Legend of the Blue Sea.

He is undoubtedly one of South Korea’s most attractive people. He is the most well-liked and prosperous celebrity. In South Korea and other Asian nations, he ranks among the most popular celebrities. Lee Min-Ho is well-known for having a naturally attractive face and acting naturally.

In the list of the most attractive and hottest boys in Korean cinema, there are faces over 40 years old. Obviously, the charm and beauty of Korean actors, models, and singers defies age. Their popularity in Korea and globally is evidenced by the movies and entertainment events they participate in, and the number of followers on social media platforms.

It is difficult to put together a ranking of the most handsome actors in Korea. The concept of beauty depends on each person and you will have your own ranking of the most handsome boys in Korea.

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