Top 10 Most Beautiful Post Offices In the World Today

Top 10 Most Beautiful Post Offices In the World Today

Due to their significant historical significance, post offices have been situated in exceptionally remarkable architectural structures. Although a significant number of establishments have ceased operations or been demolished, there remains a considerable number that continue to operate to this day.

Presented below is a compilation of the foremost ten post office buildings, as ranked by Architecturaldigest, which are highly recommended for inclusion in one’s forthcoming itinerary of sightseeing endeavors.

The Algiers Central Post Office, created by architects Jules Voinot and Marius Toudoire, was built in 1910. The local government transformed the building, a notable example of Moorish architecture, into a museum about Algeria’s history of post and telecommunications in 2015.

The Saigon Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City’s yellow façade and green shutters have elevated the structure from a simple post office to a well-liked tourist destination. Since Vietnam was a part of French Indochina when Alfred Foulhoux designed the building, it has many elements of renaissance, gothic, and other French architectural styles.

The Palacio de Correos de México, which resembles a royal palace more than a post office, is situated in Mexico City’s historic district. The 1907 structure was built in an eclectic style that combines elements of Gothic Revival, Art Nouveau, and Spanish rococo. When dropping off packages, locals and visitors can appreciate the sophisticated touch provided by the interior’s elaborate molding and gilding.

Claud Beelman was given the assignment to create a post office in Los Angeles in 1937 by the Works Progress Administration, a New Deal organization that employed Americans for construction jobs. The outcome was a sleek Art Deco masterpiece situated along Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, two of the city’s most recognizable thoroughfares. The structure, which is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has remained largely unaltered since it was first designed.

Palacio de Comunicaciones—which translates to “palace of communications”—is the name of a plateresque building that sorted and delivered mail inside of a grand structure. The structure, which is now used as a city hall and a cultural center, was once the city’s main post office.

This Kevin Roche-designed post office in Columbus, Indiana was the first one in the nation to have the architect’s fees paid for privately. The building is one of many modernist structures created by renowned architects in the city, and it is a part of a long-running project led by Cummins Engine Company. In order for the small Indiana town to defy convention and allow a private company to fund a public building, it was necessary for a congressional representative from Indiana to lobby the then post master general, as Nancy Kriplen explains in her book J. Irwin Miller: The Shaping of an American Town.

The James A. Farely Post Office in New York City is inscribed with the words “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” The quotation, which comes from Herodotus’ Histories, is frequently taken to be the US Postal Service’s official motto. Although not officially supported by the government, the sentence has gained acceptance due to its effects.

The imposing, symmetrical façade of this post office, which is situated in Ragusa, Sicily, is a superb illustration of imperial architecture. The nine sculptures that adorn the top of the structure were created by Corrado Vigni, who also designed the building. Francesco Fichera. The building is now recognized as a part of Sicily’s cultural heritage.

This charming yellow post office in Bonn is situated on the Münsterplatz. It was known as the Main Post Office and served as the city’s main post office from 1877 to 2008; before that, Franz Egon von Fürstenberg-Stammheim used it as a city palace. In fact, Fürstenberg Palace is still a name used for the structure. A statue of Ludwig van Beethoven, one of Bonn’s most well-known residents, is located right in front of the building.

The Kolkata General Post Office is in charge of the majority of the mail entering and leaving the city as it serves as both the main post office for West Bengal and the central post office for Kolkata. The neoclassical structure was created in 1864 by Walter B. Grenville, a consultant architect for the government of India.

There exist a number of visually stunning postal edifices that are highly recommended for individuals to visit. These post offices are renowned for their aesthetic significance and cultural relevance, in addition to their primary function of facilitating letter transmission.

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