Top 10 Largest Cement Producers and Suppliers in the US & Canada

Top 10 Largest Cement Producers and Suppliers in the US & Canada

A variety of materials with adhesive properties are referred to collectively as cement. Although most people are familiar with the cement used in concrete, other types of cement are also used in flexible materials like tarps, PVC pipes, and mortar. Although some types of cement are frequently confused with concrete, this type of cement is actually one of its constituent parts. It is the substance that, along with water, holds the cement mixture together.

More than 4% of the world’s cement supply comes from the United States. The third-largest cement producer in the world is the United States (after India and China). The majority of the top US cement manufacturers are international corporations with roots in places like Mexico, Switzerland, and Ireland.

There are 96 integrated cement production plants, eight grinding facilities, and cement production facilities in at least 30 US states.

The United States produces close to 100 million tons of portland cement currently, according to data from the US Geological Survey. The top 10 cement companies in the USA are listed below.

With a 286.6 million ton annual production capacity and 180 cement manufacturing facilities, the Swiss multinational LafargeHolcim is the largest cement producer in the world.

Founded: 2015

Headquarters: Jona, Switzerland

Revenue: USD 27.76 billion

Annual Cement Production: 286.66 Mt/yr

Cement Production Capacity: 386.5 Mt/yr

Number of Employees: 72,452

The largest cement manufacturer in the US is LafargeHolcim. After the merger of the French construction firm Lafarge and the Swiss cement producer Holcim, the company has been in operation since 2015.

LafargeHolcim is currently active in more than 70 countries around the world and employs more than 72,452 people across all of its operations, including the largest cement factory in the USA.

The two parent companies each have more than a century of industry experience.

Chicago-based LafargeHolcim has worked on projects like the One World Trade Center in New York City and the St. Croix Crossing Bridge that connects Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The World Trade Center in New York and the St. Croix Crossing Bridge, which connects Minnesota and Wisconsin, are two extraordinary projects completed by LafargeHolcim in the United States.

The main areas of focus for LafargeHolcim Cement Group are cement, ready mix, aggregates, and solutions.

LafargeHolcim’s annual revenues after the merger were 27.76 billion USD. Chicago served as the current location of Lafargeholcim’s headquarters.

The 13 cement-producing facilities operated by LafargeHolcim cement Group in the United States have an annual production capacity of 22 MT (million tonnes).

LafargeHolcim offers cement in bulk and bag form, as well as cement-lime, fly ash, and cementitious materials. It also offers masonry, specialty, blended, mortar, slag, and custom stucco.

Headquarters: Mexico

Year Established: 1906


Revenue: USD 18 billion

Annual Cement Production: 87.09 Mt/yr

Cement Production Capacity: 93 Mt/yr

The largest cement manufacturer in the United States is Cemex Cement, a Mexican multinational construction materials company with its corporate headquarters in San Pedro, Mexico. Cemex Cement also has a production capacity of 93 million tonnes across 56 cement plants worldwide, placing it fifth among the top 10 cement companies in the world.

A multinational corporation, Cemex Cement manufactures, produces, and distributes cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregate in more than 50 nations.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated Cemex as an energy star partner for 2019.

The work done by the Cemex Cement group in the cities of Orlando and Arizona is well-known. One of Cemex’s most well-known constructions is the creation of a concrete volcano at the Universal Theme Park in Orlando.

Founded: 1874

Headquarters: Heidelberg, Germany

Revenue: 20.38

Annual Cement Production: 121.11 Mt/yr

Production Capacity: 129 Mt/yr

The fourth-largest cement manufacturer in the world, Heidelberg Cement, produced 121.11 MT (million tonnes) of cement in 2017 at 79 plants around the globe.

The largest cement producer in Germany is Heidelberg Cement, which employs 55,047 people across all of its operations.

The main products that Heidelberg Cement produces are cement, concrete, aggregates, and asphalt.

Cement manufacturing company Lehigh Hanson was founded in the USA in 1887. After some time, Heidelberg, a top global cement producer based in Germany, bought Lehigh Hanson.

Hanson, a British construction firm, was acquired by Heidelberg Cement in 2007, which resulted in the creation of Lehigh Hanson, a company with its headquarters in Texas.

In the USA, Lehigh Hanson runs 19 cement manufacturing facilities.

Lehigh Hanson offers a variety of cementitious products, such as blended cement, photocatalytic cement, oil well cement, white cement, slag cement, fly ash cement, environmentally friendly cement, and masonry and colored masonry. The business is located in Irving, Texas.

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Year Established: 1912


Overview: St. Marys Cement originated in Ontario, Canada, but later brought its operations to the United States. There are currently six cement factories in total, four of which are in the US and two of which are in Canada. A Brazilian cement manufacturer named Votorantim Cimentos bought the business in 1991. Around 5 million tons of production can be produced annually at St. Marys.

St. Marys Cement is a well-known producer of cement and related building supplies in the US and Canada. St. Marys Cement, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a major supplier of concrete and aggregates for the Ontario market in addition to providing cementitious materials to the Great Lakes Region. Four cement facilities are now run by St. Marys in the US and two in Canada.

St. Marys Cement has a production capacity of approximately 5 MT (million tonnes) per year. For various applications, St. Marys Cement manufactures a range of cement types in bulk and bagged form, including regular, high-early strength, low heat hydration, and sulfate-resistant cement, as well as additional cementitious products. Among St. Marys Cement’s most well-known iconic projects are the CN Tower, Darlington Nuclear Station, Maple Leaf Gardens, and St. Marys Cement.

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, USA

One of the top cement-producing companies in the USA is Buzzi Unicem Cement, which is primarily an Italian business.

The US headquarters of Buzzi Unicem are in Pennsylvania. In the USA, Buzzi Unicem operates 7 cement factories with a combined annual production capacity of 9 million tons.

Buzzi Unicem primarily focuses on portland cement and masonry cement and provides various paving firms and companies with concrete products.

Depending on the type, Buzzi Unicem cement, based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, offers portland, masonry, portland lime, and CSA cement in red, gray, black, and buff hues. They also offer ready-mix concrete and products for rapid-setting repairs.

With a combined 9 million tons of cement production capacity, Buzzi Unicem cement has 7 cement factories in the USA.

Headquarters: Colombia

Year Established: 1934


With its corporate headquarters in Colombia, Argos Cement is a sizable global manufacturer of cement. One of the biggest cement producers in the US is regarded as Argos Cement.

Argos is the fourth-largest cement manufacturer in the Southeast United States and runs four cement plants across the country.

The main goods that Argos Cement sells are cement, masonry, concrete, and aggregates. Argos USA Corporation also offers supplemental cement, cement lime, and concrete mixes in addition to selling portland, masonry, mortar, and stucco cement in bulk and packaged form.

There is Kind I-IL portland cement available, and depending on the type, portland cement and masonry cement come in a variety of colors. Argos USA has also received approval from Green-Star, the national association for ready-mix concrete.

There are 8 cement factories owned by Ash Grove Cement in the USA, all of which have ISO 14001:2004 certification.

A CRH subsidiary, Ash Grove Cement Company is situated in Overland Park, Texas. They provide fly ash cement, slag, oil wells, soil stabilizing I-V, and various masonry types.

Additionally, the Ash Grove Company offers packaged cement goods for use in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

Headquarters: Overland Park, Texas, USA

Year Established: 1882


CRH plc, an Irish-based building materials company, recently purchased Ash Grove, an American company that was originally founded. With more than 135 years of experience in the US, Ash Grove is one of the top producers of cement.

Eight of the company’s cement plants in the US have received ISO 14001:2004 certification.Ash Grove Cement prioritizes product quality and complies with environmental regulations that have been adopted globally. They market a variety of products, including fly ash cement, oil wells, soil stabilizing I-V, and brickwork. For industrial, commercial, and residential use, Ash Grove Cement Company also offers packaged cement products.

Headquarters: North Carolina, USA

Year Established: 1993


With its corporate headquarters in North Carolina, Martin Marietta Materials is one of the biggest cement companies in the country. A company called Martin Marietta specializes in a wide range of building materials, including cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and products related to cement.

Martin Marietta has operations in 27 US states and has offices in Canada and the Bahamas. Additionally, Martin Marietta’s Magnesia Specialties division produces high-purity magnesia and dolomitic lime products for use in environmental, industrial, agricultural, and other applications globally. Martin Marietta Materials’ goal is to quickly elevate to the status of a truly world-class organization.

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, USA

Year Established: 1963


One of the top cement producers in the nation, Eagle Materials has 7 cement factories in the US. The Texas-based company also manufactures gypsum, wallboard, paperboard, concrete, and aggregates.

Eagle Materials offers gypsum, wallboard, aggregate, paperboard, and concrete. The capacity of Eagle Materials to produce cement annually is 5 MT (million tonnes).

Eagle Materials manufactures its goods in the country for use in infrastructure, energy, commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Eagle Materials Cement has consistently improved its facilities, increasing its capacity for production.

By making sizeable investments in high-return projects like facility modernizations and expansions, Eagle Materials has established itself as a low-cost manufacturer of building materials and construction products. Eagle Materials will keep making wise investment choices that will increase shareholder value.

Founded: 1864

Headquarters: Bergamo, Italy

Production: 76.62 Mt/yr

Production Capacity: 77 Mt/yr

Italcementi cement has a subsidiary called Essroc Cement. Italian multinational cement producer and manufacturer Essroc Cemnet has its headquarters in Bergamo.

The sixth-largest cement producer in the world is Essroc Cement.

In the past year, Essroc Cement produced 76.62 MT (million tonnes) of cement.

Essroc Cement asserts that its 60 cement factories in the USA have a combined production capacity of over 77 MT (million tonnes) of cement.

Asphalt, aggregates, cement, and ready-made concrete production and manufacturing are Essroc Cement’s main specialties. One of the best top concrete companies in the world is Essroc Cement.

Prior to Heidelberg’s acquisition of Essroc Cement in 2016, Essroc Cement ranked as the fifth-largest cement producer in the world.

After that, Heidelberg bought Essroc cement, which had previously gone by the name Coplay cement.

Lehigh Hanson integrated Essroc cement. and Essroc is currently employed by Lehigh’s commercial divisions.

We have provided information on the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of cement on Thomas, as well as the most prominent cement suppliers in the United States and Canada based on revenue, which can be found above. We hope that you have found this information to be helpful in your search for a new supplier.

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