Top 10+ Best and Most Popular Japanese Bicycle Brands Today

Top 10+ Best and Most Popular Japanese Bicycle Brands Today

Japan is without a doubt one of your dream vacation destinations. It is best to use jitensha as your mode of transportation to fully enjoy your experience of this country’s nature and cities. You can, however, purchase one from your home country. Why is the Japanese bike so popular and used not only in Japan, but also in other countries? Check out the three reasons below:

1. Japan bikes are inexpensive!

Although Japan is one of the most expensive countries due to high accommodation and transportation costs, you can save money by using jitensha while visiting the country. When you own a Mamachari, you can save $27,200 on transportation and $4,900 on hotel accommodations. You will only be concerned with your lodging.

If you want to buy Japanese bikes in your country, you can easily find them at the lowest price in Japan retail shops. These secondhand shops have a large selection of Japanese bicycles. The price ranges of second-hand bikes are from ¥5,500 to ¥10,000. Brand new ranges from ¥14,000 and above.

2. The Japan bike is well-built and of high quality!

The possibilities for transporting cargo are endless. One Mamachari can carry two or more children. Place your groceries in the front basket. Mamachari will have a “heavy-duty bicycle” for daily use. They are also guaranteed to last for years, if not decades.

The design is also noteworthy. Road bicycles, foldable bicycles, and mountain bicycles from Japan have excellent design. You can ride them with pride because these Jitenshas are of the highest quality and design.

3. A bicycle tour is another way to experience Japan.

Japan’s great geography and topography are best experienced through jitensha. Both urban and rural areas can be visited and enthralled. Cities with great nature and fascinating spots, such as Tokyo and Kyoto, can only be appreciated by slowly cycling around them.

Founded: 1986


Popular product: Non-flat tire bicycles

Asahi Cycle creates highly functional bicycles suitable for both city and rural living. They intend to create bicycles in order to reduce pollution and traffic congestion. To satisfy their customers, they even created the no flat tire bicycle, which is very convenient for cyclists.

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Founded: 1949


Popular product: R9T FRAME

Bridgestone is also regarded as one of the best Japanese bicycle manufacturers. Despite the fact that they were previously tire manufacturers, they merged to run this business in the bicycle field. One of the most distinctive features of this brand is the use of tires made with traditional Japanese technology and improved with modern improvisation.

Furthermore, thanks to its accelerated speed and one-of-a-kind feature, this racing bicycle has been meeting the needs of customers, particularly cyclists. Furthermore, because of the durable and strong materials used, the brand can keep your bike stable to a large extent.

Founded: 1982


Popular product: Horize Disc 20 inch

Dahon is well-known among the general public due to its innovative folding ability that allows it to fit in small spaces. Dahon has improved the design over the years, and it has become extremely well-known.

Furthermore, the bike is very portable and ideal for small spaces. As a result, regardless of how small your space is, it will always fit. Furthermore, the bike has 6-speed gears that are easily changed. Furthermore, the use of long-lasting stainless steel materials allows it to carry heavy loads.

Founded: 1889


Popular product: Altamira 2.1 Road Bike White

Fuji Bikes, formerly known as Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company, Ltd, was founded in 1889. They are well-known for producing high-endurance bicycles, gears, accessories, and bicycle equipment. You can find and buy city bicycles, mountain bicycles, and racing bikes from their brick and mortar stores as well as their online stores.

Founded: 1951


Popular product: Panasonic Electric-Assist Bike

Steel, titanium, and aluminum are used to make high-quality road bicycles, Mamachari, electric bikes, and racing bicycles. Konosuke Matsushita, who founded the brand in 1951, is also proud of developing cycling gears and parts that are widely used in racing. The Panasonic Electric-Assist Bike is their most well-known product.

Founded: 2002


Popular product: Bisou

Tokyo Bike, a reputable brand, is without a doubt the creator of the most basic Jitensha available. It is straightforward because it encourages adventure and exploration. While it is minimalist, the design is in line with current trends. Classic Sport 26 is their most popular product.

Founded: 1890


Popular product: Miyata Sport 2015

Miyata, founded in 1890, is one of Japan’s most enduring brands. However, the brand has always been updated to meet customer demand. Furthermore, it is one of the first manufacturers to use electrostatic painting and flash-butt-welded tubes in bicycles.

Furthermore, given the board tires, their bikes can assist you in maintaining and maintaining balance while riding on difficult roads. Furthermore, the aluminum handlebar of this cycle is quite flat, which keeps the cycle balanced and allows you to ride more smoothly. As a result, you have a plethora of fantastic options for your daily casual outing.

Founded: 1976


Popular product: Weltmeister Nagasawa

Nagasawa is a brand known for being used by Koichi Nakano (professional cyclist who won 10 world titles consecutively using this brand) and for making Keirin frames. It was founded in 1976 by Yoshiaki Nagasawa, a former professional cyclist. That is why Nagasawa is a well-known name in racing bicycles. Although the only shop in Osaka is small, the name is large enough to be included among the most well-known and leading Japanese bicycle brands.

Founded: 1972


Popular product: Frackers Float Cozutti

Maruishi’s main focus is safety, which is why they build bicycles, as evidenced by models that can be equipped with child seats. Their bikes are frequently used by family members and children. Maruishi debuted its Mamachari and electric-assist bikes. The Frackers Float Cozutti is their best one bike.

Founded: 1903


Popular product: Muddy Fox MFB

Araya Bike was founded in 1903 and manufactures high-quality swallow bicycles. These bicycles are not only known for their durability, but they also include a variety of bikes such as touring cycles, mountain bikes, and folding bikes. As a result, their designs are easily adaptable to the needs of people of all ages.

This cycle is a great choice in terms of quality because it has an excellent quality frame and handles that keep the front side in such a good and sturdy position. Furthermore, leather handles effectively maintain a firm grip while making your bike safe, secure, and fashionable.

Founded: 1954


CatEye is the leading manufacturer of cycle computers, lights and reflectors to cyclists in the world. Founded in 1954 in Osaka, Japan, CatEye has always been a leader in innovation and technology.

In 1964, CatEye created the first flashing lamp for bicycles. CatEye went on to create the very first bicycle head lamp using white LEDs in 2001. The company is truly a world leader in lens and reflector technology.

CatEye’s first cycle computer was released in 1981. Now we offer a full range of computers to meet the demands of cyclists around the globe. Always at the cutting edge of technology, we were among the first companies to integrate altimeter, heart rate, and cadence technology into cycle computers.

Founded: 1918


Popular product: Ibis Mojo 4

This Japanese bicycle brand began as a small business in Osaka and has grown over the years. Their bikes are known for their durability, toughness, and high-quality equipment. Their BMX bikes are known for being old school, and they are still in high demand today. Ibis Mojo 4 is their best-selling product.

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