The Most Expensive Google Keywords to Increase Adsense Earnings (Updated)

The Most Expensive Google Keywords to Increase Adsense Earnings (Updated)

If you’re using Google Ads, Google’s pay-per-click (PPC), advertising platform, you may want to limit your spending by focusing on low-cost keyword phrases.

The price for each keyword varies. You can increase your site’s earnings and get more visitors by using specific keywords. You can boost your advertising income by as much as 300% by focusing on competitive PPC keywords.

We forecast the highest-volume, most-expensive keywords for Google Ads in the years to come, based on both search volume and cost per click. You can better prepare your Ads campaign by first determining the average CPC of your targeted keywords. The majority of Google’s revenue comes from these high CPC keywords.

There are some keywords that can bring in a lot of visitors but generate very little interest from Google AdSense users. Adsense’s cost-per-click rate will vary based on the kinds of content you typically produce. The cost per click (CPC) of a website covering topics like loans and mortgages will be higher than that of a website covering topics like dog foot. This is because there is a lot of competition for banking-related ads, and companies are willing to pay a high price to have theirs displayed. Careful consideration of your keyword selection is rewarded with a higher cost per click and a consequent increase in Adsense revenue.

Everyone will have to use their best judgment to predict the most popular search terms of 2022. Predictions could be made based on the events that were most talked about throughout the year.

In 2023, the pandemic is expected to enter its endemic phase, which will have far-reaching consequences for society.

All eyes will be on the latest and greatest gadgets, movies, and TV shows in the new year. What people think about in the next year will be fascinating to observe.

Some experts predict these keywords will be the high CPC keywords in 2023 and the coming years.

Here Are The Top 10 High CPC Keywords of 2023 and the coming years

(Predited by Daccanomics)

We predict these keywords will be the high CPC keywords in 2023 and the coming years.

Top Highest Paid Niche for 2023

Insurance’ is reportedly the niche with the highest pay rates. This keyword is extremely competitive, with an average CPC of $17.55 and a maximum CPC of $55.

The majority of insurance, including health, home, auto, and life insurance, falls under this category. Businesses will spend more to get people to click on their insurance ads. Similar to insurance, the loan and banking industries can be very lucrative.

1.Insurance: $55 CPC

2.Loans: $47 CPC

3.Gas/Electricity: $45 CPC

4.Attorney: $42 CPC

5.Mortgage: $38 CPC

6.Credit: $37 CPC

7.Lawyer: $31 CPC

8.Degree: $28 CPC

9.Donate: $25 CPC

10.Conference Call: $23 CPC

(Prediction by Christian Thomson, a British-born entrepreneur and founder of Marwick)

1.Business Services. Average CPC $58.64

2.Bail Bonds. CPC $58.48

3.Casino. CPC $55.48

4.Lawyer. CPC $54.86

5.Asset Management. CPC $49.86

6.Insurance. CPC $48.41

7.Cash Services & Payday Loans. CPC $48.18

8.Cleanup & Restoration Services. CPC $47.61

9.Degree. CPC $47.36

10.Medical Coding Services. CPC $46.84

Because the companies that are behind the ads have a high customer value and are able to afford to spend a few hundred dollars to acquire a customer, these companies are willing to spend money on advertisements. It comes down to the economics of their business in the end.


In the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom education is a very high paying niche with low competition, according to Daccanomics.

Education: $15 CPC

Digital Marketing: $12 CPC

Telecom: $11 CPC

Web Hosting: $7 CPC

Healthcare: $37 CPC

The rest of the niche doesn’t generate much revenue aside from these niches. For the majority of other niches, it can decrease up to $2.28 per click on average.

Currently, “Insurance” is the highest paying Adsense niche in the US, UK, and Canada. For some insurance-related keywords, the CPC starts at $12 and can reach $55. Although it is extremely difficult to break into this industry.

Over millions of websites have a niche related to banking or insurance. Therefore, it is very challenging to rank for keywords related to banking or insurance. You probably won’t appear on the first page of Google SERP even if you try using long-tail keywords.

Therefore, you could try writing about the healthcare or pharmaceutical industries instead of trying to write about “Insurance.” Additionally, because this industry is not particularly competitive, the keyword difficulty is moderate.

Try using medium difficulty keywords rather than ones with high competition. Using long-tail keywords will be much better as they are typically simpler to rank for.

Due to the intense competition and high bidding, some keywords are very expensive. When we discovered some unexpected keywords with high PPC, we were surprised. “Mesothelioma treatment” is among them. Because they will ultimately make much more money from their customers, many businesses are willing to spend a significant amount of money to win a new client. Due to the intense competition, all of these businesses made high bids to have their advertisements appear at the top and as frequently as possible.

Expensive PPC Keywords 2023

Cost Per Click (CPC)























Cord Blood


To create your content strategy and identify topics that are pertinent to your audience, use keyword analysis. To help raise your rankings, you can place keywords in your text’s titles, headings, and body. However, you can’t rely solely on keywords.

In fact, you’re probably forcing a keyword into a specific place in your content if you feel like you are. When considering keyword placement, quality always comes first. To produce better ranking results, the two must cooperate.

About 200 ranking factors are used by Google to decide how to rank websites.

Check out the most important ranking signals for content marketers to focus on:

-Google prioritizes high-quality, high-value, relevant content.

-Keyword best practices have changed, but they remain an important SEO factor.

-Providing a good user experience is paramount to organic search rankings.

-Focus on mobile optimization is increasing in importance as more people use mobile and voice search.

-High-quality backlinks continue to be central to Google’s ranking algorithm.

-Site Authority

-Site Structure and UX

-Mobile Optimization

-Site Speed

-Domain Security


-Business Listings

-Featured Snippets

Insurance $61 CPC

Gas/Electricity $58 CPC

Loans $50 CPC

Mortgage $46 CPC

Attorney $48 CPC

Lawyer $42 CPC

Donate $42 CPC

Conference Call $42 CPC

Degree $40 CPC

Credit $38 CPC

The priciest keywords for Google Ads in the UK are listed below. The industries at the top of the list come as no surprise, but understanding why CPCs are so expensive can be extremely helpful when managing your own campaigns.

We have questions about casinos and gambling at the top of the list. Given the gambling industry’s high profitability and high customer lifetime value, this should not be surprising. The UK Gambling Commission estimates that the total gross gambling yield for the most recent fiscal year was an astounding £14.4 billion.

The words “Real Estate” and “Estate Agents” can be found further down the list, respectively, at positions 4 and 10, respectively. Again, this is a result of the high cost of the provided services. With industries like this, the CPC will vary greatly by location due to variations in house prices, but the UK House Price Index estimates that the average house price in the UK is £230,776. According to data from, the average estate agent fee is 1.42%, which means that based on the information provided above, the total revenue from a sale can be calculated to be around £3,266. This leaves a lot of room for determining the best CPC, assuming a sound strategy is in place for the Ads account.

We predict the list of the 100 most searched global keywords of 2023 based on the great data research tool Ahrefs,

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