Simple Ways to Say ‘Will You Marry Me’ in Russian Language

Simple Ways to Say ‘Will You Marry Me’ in Russian Language

So you’ve met the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, especially if she’s Russian, and you’re wondering how to propose in Russian.

How do you ask her to be yours for the rest of your life? Push your nerves aside and remember that once you have a complete plan and know what to expect, you will be able to propose to your girlfriend without making any mistakes at any stage.

1. Will you marry me? Ты выйдешь за меня? Ti viy-desh za me-nyA?

2. I want you to be my wife. Хочу, чтобы ты стала моей женой. HachU, chto-bee tee stA-la mo-yEy zshe-nOy.

3. Let’s get married. Давай поженимся. Da-vAy pa-zshE-nim-sya.

4. I love you very much and ask you to be my wife. Я очень люблю тебя и прошу стать моей женой. Ya O-chen’ lyub-lyU te-byA I pra-shU stat’ ma-yEy zshe-nOy.

5. All I want is you were my wife. Всё чего я хочу – чтобы ты стала моей женой. VsyO, che-vO ya ha-chU, chto-bee tee stA-la ma-yEy zshe-nOy.

6. I give you my hand and my heart.. Я предлагаю тебе свою руку и сердце. Ya pred-la-gA-yu te-bE svo-yU rU-ku I sEr-tse.

7. All I pray for God is you saying “Yes!” Всё, о чём я молю Бога – чтобы ты сказала “Да!” VsyO, o chOm yA ma-lyU bO-ga, chto-bee tee ska-zA-la da

8. I wish it so badly! Как сильно я хочу этого! Kak sIl’-no yA ha-chU E-to-vo!

9. Be my wife! Будь моей женою! Bud’ ma-yEy zshe-nO-yu!

10. Marry me! Выйди за меня замуж! VEEy-di za me-nyA zA-muzsh!

11. I consign you my heart and ask for your consent. Я вверяю тебе своё сердце и прошу твоего согласия. Ya vveryAyu te-bEe svo-yO sEr-tse I pra-shU tva-ye-vO sog-lA-si-ya.


Do you ever find yourself responding “we’re great” when someone asks how you and only you are doing? Or do you occasionally use the pronouns “us” and “we” in casual conversation even when they aren’t strictly necessary?

Look out for it if you haven’t already noticed that you’re doing it. Your general desire to talk about “us” is a sign that you may be prepared for marriage because it demonstrates that your thinking has developed to include more than just you.


A lot of couples decide they won’t get married until they finish their master’s degree, get a promotion, or have enough money saved for a down payment on a house. In general, achieving some level of financial security is a milestone that might indicate that you’re ready to propose, even if you’ve never said it out loud to your significant other.

On the other hand, we’re not saying that in order to propose, you have to be in the job of your dreams and have your entire life planned out. However, you should have everything more or less in order. Additionally, knowing when to propose can sometimes be determined by achieving a milestone.


A necessary condition for marriage is the sharing of space and the ability to deal with the realities of daily life. Consider this a serious warning that getting married to someone you haven’t lived with is a bad idea. Not at all.

The answer to the crucial question of “how do you know when to propose?” is that you are probably ready if you have been living together for some time and things are going well. After all, you now know that your partner doesn’t repeatedly leave their dirty dishes in the sink, and in our book, that’s pretty significant.


Finding out if you’re ready is a necessary part of getting engaged, but when you ask her to marry you, you’ll want her to be ready as well. You’ll know when to make the proposal when she starts dropping hints left and right. That’s accurate. If she keeps bringing up getting engaged, it means she wants you to propose to her.

Believe us. She is not acting in a cutesy manner. Consider this to be the clearest indication that she is prepared for marriage. Thank you very much.


Many men are aware of the right time to propose when they realize they don’t miss being single. A good indicator of readiness for marriage is the inability to picture yourself as single. It indicates that you believe what you have to be significantly superior to anything you could find.


If you’re wondering “When should I propose to my girlfriend?” the answer is that you’re not prepared if you don’t know about their financial situation. Yes, we are aware that this is not at all romantic, but knowing when to propose necessitates getting up close and personal with your significant other’s finances.

After all, their debt becomes your debt when you get married. It’s best to find out if your girlfriend has any secrets before you sign the marriage license. Because credit card addiction is one of the things that love cannot overcome.

The date is just as significant as the time and place. It would be fantastic if you timed your proposal to coincide with a significant occasion in his beloved’s life. such as a birthday, the day the higher- or specialized secondary-education diploma is delivered, March 8, Valentine’s Day.

Orthodox woman thrilled to hear you propose on the day of her Guardian Angel and the patron saints of marriage, Peter and Fevronia. Declare its plan and be ready to battle beneath the Christmas bells. But what if you’re well-prepared, have watched videos and photos? How would you approach a stunning girl with a proposal? Would you ask for some time to think? Keep your emotions hidden and refrain from pressing your favorite. She might really want to consider everything. Wait. Continue to love and respect her. She will eventually recognize the value of your efforts and realize that he is the one who needs her.

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