How to Check IP Address/Location on WhatsApp – 2023/2024 Update

How to Check IP Address/Location on WhatsApp – 2023/2024 Update

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the world, with more than two billion active users. It’s a great way to stay in touch with loved ones, but you can also use it to track someone’s whereabouts.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been wondering how to view someone’s WhatsApp location for free without them knowing. In this article, we’ll look at a number of unobtrusive methods for tracking someone’s location on WhatsApp without alerting them.

There are a few different approaches you can take in order to track someone on WhatsApp without them being aware of it. The following are your two choices:

You can share your real-time WhatsApp location with another user using a feature within the app. Without them knowing, you can use this feature to track someone’s location on WhatsApp.

Simply click the paperclip icon in the chat window of the person whose location you want to track, choose “Location,” and then select “Share Live Location.” Up to 8 hours are available for you to decide how long you want to share your location. The person with whom you are sharing your location will be able to view your current location in real time on a map.

Another choice is to make use of a third-party WhatsApp Tracker app, which can secretly track someone’s location on WhatsApp. Many apps that claim to be able to do this are readily available for both Android and iOS devices. Although many of these apps are scams or have the potential to be used to spy on someone, you should exercise caution when using them. Before downloading the app, do your homework on it, and never use it to invade someone else’s privacy.

There are a few other avenues you can pursue in the event that you are unable to convince the individual to give you their current live location or if you are unable to use a location tracker app on their smartphone.

You must be convincing and persuasive to use this strategy. Simply play the victim and trick the other person into sharing their location through WhatsApp live location chat. The procedures for doing this are as follows.

Step 1: First, simply enable the location icon from the settings menu. All you have to do is open the Apps & notification menu or click on the advanced icon in the settings menu. Locate WhatsApp and turn on the location permission setting.

Step 2: Go to WhatsApp and open a live chat with your target. Start a sweet and convincing conversation with that person. You should sound friendly and open to the individual.

Step 3: Amid the chatting, open the clip attachment icon you see below. Identify the location icon and click it to allow the gadgets to identify your residence.

Step 4: Immediately, the system will bring you a map showing your residence. Identify whether your location on the map is correct and send it to them.

Don’t just send them randomly because they can suspect you. Explain yourself in convincing words why you are doing so and why your targets should share their live chat as well.

Step 5: Choose the length of time that you want the live location to be seen.

Step 6: Wait for the person or targets to share their location too. In there, you will know their residence when their name appears on the map.

Step 7: You can opt-out of this process by clicking on the stop sharing icon. Then disable the location by turning it off through the settings on the WhatsApp app permission tab.

Use a third-party location tracking app like KidsGuard for WhatsApp if the person refuses to share their location with you or if you don’t want to ask them. There are a lot of these apps out there, but you should use caution when downloading and using them as some of them might be scams or compromise your privacy.

How can you track someone on WhatsApp secretly? Making use of your PC’s Command Prompt is a straightforward technique. This method is simple to use and extremely effective, but it only functions when you log in to WhatsApp using the web browser version.

Here’s how to go about it:

• Open WhatsApp Web first, then start a conversation with the person you want to track in order to obtain his IP address.

• Close all background-running programs, with the exception of the browser you are currently using, to prevent interruptions. Simply press “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” at the same time to launch task manager and end the apps.

• Now, while simultaneously pressing the Win and R keys on the keyboard, type “cmd,” and then press the Enter key.

• Once the command prompt has opened, type “netstat-an” and press the enter key. Be sure to take note of the IP address before closing the command prompt window.

• To find the approximate location of an IP address, go to and enter the IP address you have written down.

Additionally, you could create a tracking link and send it to the person you want to find. You can get information about the person’s whereabouts by using this tracking link. Here is how to go about doing that:

• You must first create a free web hosting user account to get started. At 000webhost, Hostgator, or My3gb, you could do that. After logging into the account, select “File Manager.” Download the “Tracking ZIP File” ZIP file at this time.

• To extract all 3 files from the downloaded file, zip it up first. After completing this, upload all the files to the root (public _html) folder in the hosting account’s file manager.

• will be the name of the link that you must send to the device that you are tracking.

You could find all the info that you require about the device you’re tracking in the log.txt file on the root folder.

To find the person’s IP address on WhatsApp, use InspectLet, a tool that lets you see the IP addresses of people who have visited your website. You must build a website and incorporate a tracking code that InspectLet provides in order to accomplish this. Next, send the link to the person whose location you want to track via WhatsApp. As soon as they click the link, their IP address is recorded, and you can use an IP lookup tool to roughly determine where they are.

Remember to check your local laws before attempting to track someone’s location without their permission. It may be against the law in some places. Always respect other people’s privacy, and only employ location tracking techniques when necessary.

How can you use WhatsApp to track someone’s location without them knowing? Try mSpy out for size. The highly regarded app mSpy allows you to track WhatsApp messages without knowing what they are, and it also has a ton of other really helpful features.

• With mSpy, users have a ton of options, including monitoring calls and controlling upcoming call restrictions.

• Tracking sent and received instant messages, web history, browsing habits, access to calendars, contacts, outgoing and incoming emails, and even managing installed applications.

Here’s the method to start with WhatsApp tracking utilizing mSpy software.

• Register mSpy and download the application on the target device.

• To get a list of sent and received messages, go to the mSpy dashboard and click the WhatsApp messages option on the left side panel. Additionally, you could sort the messages by date to make them easier to view.

The location of the target device can be viewed from the dashboard in real-time, and you can also set up the geo-fences as you like.

Have you ever wondered whether you are the one being tracked for a long time once we learn these techniques to find other people’s locations? That sounds awful, doesn’t it? However, since Tenorshare iAnyGo is there to assist you, you don’t need to worry about this issue.

Tenorshare An iOS device’s GPS location can be mimicked by the desktop program iAnyGo. iAnyGo can always meet your needs, whether you want to prevent the leakage of your location data or play fake LBS games like Pokemon Go. To change your location on an iDevice using iAnyGo, follow these steps:

• For iAnyGo to be installed on your Win/Mac, click the download button. Launch it to access iAnyGo’s user interface. Choose Change Location in this case.

• You must use a USB cable to connect your iDevices to the PC after entering Change Location mode.

• Choose a location you like and click Start to Modify to complete the process. The location of iOS devices will now be changed to the new location, and no apps will be able to detect it.

On WhatsApp, it is possible to track someone’s location secretly. The live location feature of WhatsApp, a third-party location tracking app, Command Prompt to find their IP address, or a tracking link are just a few of the options that are available. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that some of these techniques might not be accurate or might call for technical expertise.

Depending on your location and the circumstances, it may or may not be legal to track someone’s location on WhatsApp without their consent. In some circumstances, it might be regarded as a privacy violation and thus forbidden. Before attempting to track someone’s location without their knowledge or consent, it’s crucial to become familiar with the rules and laws in your area.

Even if WhatsApp knows your IP address, they won’t disclose it. And others can’t intercept your IP address without tools.

Use Whatsapp’s live sharing location where it generates a map that will show the residence of other people who share their location.

Trick them into chatting with you and execute the ‘netstat-an’ command in the command prompt. There, you will obtain their IP address.

Use the above strategies to discover where people are. And you won’t have to stress over how to secretly track someone’s whereabouts on WhatsApp anymore.

You can easily find out someone’s whereabouts on WhatsApp without them knowing for free, but you should exercise caution and respect for their privacy.

Ask the person directly for their location or use a location tracking app with their permission if at all possible. It is important to use the other methods discussed in this article responsibly and within the law if those alternatives are unavailable.

As a whole, it’s critical to keep in mind that snooping on someone’s whereabouts without their knowledge is a major invasion of privacy.

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