How Much Money Is Enough?

How Much Money Is Enough?

Money plays a crucial role in life. The initial driving force behind it is human labor, with new labor creating wealth to trade for existing material and spiritual values.

How much money is sufficient, enough?

Unanswered questions remain. The last goal that people have is not money but rather the ideal of each person’s life, which is distinct from the goal of making money, as demonstrated by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs!

It must be tragic if you are good at making money but live an unbalanced, unhappy life without discovering your ideal! Because meeting your own needs is an important part of this life’s purpose. Use money to enhance life rather than letting it become your life’s purpose.

Money cannot follow you when you return to dust.

The following short story about cooking fish and watching movies between husband and wife gives us a profound life lesson.

Laziness, love of criticism, failure… seems to go against the classic views of getting rich, but it is a habit that helps many billionaires succeed.

These evening routines will help you open up a bright future in your career and life.

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