Fact-Check: The Mysterious Children With Black Eyes

Fact-Check: The Mysterious Children With Black Eyes

They might knock on your door on a chilly late-night. You might see them approaching your car as you wait at a signal or a gas station. They might appear to be in need of help or they might just be still. These are all urban legends about children with black eyes.

People raise questions because newborns with black eyes are fundamentally different from everyone else. They have black eyes that lack a white tint because their pupils are not present. When we look into their eyes, all we see is a shadowy, deep black hole.

What sort of individuals are they? Why do they differ so much?

A black-eyed child is a supposed paranormal creature that resembles children between the ages of 6 and 16, has pale skin, and has black eyes. These creatures have been reported to be encountered on residential property doorsteps or while hitchhiking. They are sometimes referred to as “bek” or “black-eyed kids.”

Black is not the color of natural eyes. The sclera, or white portion of the human eye, makes up 5/6 of the eye’s surface. No matter their race, every healthy person has a white sclera. On the other hand, the sclera of animals is very dark. For instance, the sclera of dogs, horses, and lizards are frequently black.

Sclera can occasionally be yellow in people with health issues, and some medications, such as eye drops, can cause the sclera to become transparent. People who have encountered black-eyed humans claim that they have completely scleral-free eyes that are a solid shade of black. In other words, “these beings” have totally black sclerae, pupils, and irises.

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People have reported encountering black-eyed children for the past 20 years, and all of their accounts are consistent. A young child will approach your door or the window of your car and ask for assistance. You’ll feel threatened and as though they have control over you the moment they approach you. They might be with a friend or sibling who has black eyes, and they typically dress in dark clothing or might wear a hooded sweatshirt.

They will first make a request, such as for something, permission to enter, or permission to use their phone to make a call, and if you refuse, they will threaten you or say, “Please, I need to call someone,” or both. People who have dealt with this claim that even if they didn’t want to, they would begin to assist.

For instance, they might begin to open a door a bit wider or, if they’re driving, they might roll down a window a bit farther. The child(ren) would either lift their head up or take off their hood and show their black eyes at the last second before they did anything, giving the impression that they were forcing them to do it with their minds. They would slam the door shut or, if they were in a car, roll the window up as soon as they noticed the black eyes. Do you think the black-eyed children are real or do you think everything is a lie?

Some people assert that these kids have been around since the 1980s, but according to the majority of sources, the legend first appeared in posts by a Texas reporter named Brian Bethel in 1996, where he wrote about two alleged encounters with the black-eyed kids.

He claimed to have come across two kids in Abilene, Texas, who had black eyes and pale skin. Bethel recapped his experience in an article for the Abilene Reporter-News in 2013, after which he appeared on the television program Monsters and Mysteries in America in 2012.

According to one of the tales, an elderly couple in Vermont’s snowy town in the middle of nowhere heard three loud knocks on their door. When they opened the door, a boy and a girl were there. “Parents are coming soon; may we enter?” The kids stood in the doorway without making eye contact with each other. After some hesitation, the elderly couple finally allowed the boy and girl inside.

While the wife prepared some hot cocoa and the husband asked them questions that they didn’t know the answers to, the kids sat down on the couch. When the wife came home, she saw that her cat was frightened and irate with the kids. Please let us use the restroom.

Finally, the wife turned to look at the children. The kids’ eyes were as pitch-black as the universe without stars. After directing them to the restroom, she went back to her husband, who had his hand over his face. You said, “Did you see their eyes?” The husband then displays to her his hand, which is covered in nosebleed blood.

The house became pitch-black and the kids’ eyes immediately lost power. When the wife entered the bathroom, the children at the other end of the hallway interrupted her by saying, “Our parents are here.” The door was left open as the kids left the house. When the wife turned around, she saw two men standing at the end of the driveway. The husband waved but did not receive the same friendly response from the tall, lean men. The two men and the kids then sped off in a single vehicle.

Later, after the kids had left, the power was restored. Strange events occurred in the home over the course of the following week; three of the four cats vanished, and the fourth was discovered dead in a pool of its own blood. The husband’s very aggressive skin cancer was discovered after he finally visited the doctor as his nosebleeds persisted.

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A woman in Vermont made the tragic error of inviting two children with black eyes into her home in January 2016. She heard a soft knock on her front door as a blizzard raged outside. Both a boy and a girl begged to use her phone as they stood there shivering. The woman let them in despite being uneasy about their presence and went to get her phone.

The mother noticed the kids’ eyes were totally black when they entered the family room’s light. Her husband’s nose started to bleed as she gaped in horror at them, and at that moment the power went out.

The kids finally announced their parents’ arrival in unison after what seemed like an eternity. The woman saw the two quietly leave her home and get into a plain black car driven by a man in a suit. The woman’s husband was given a serious skin cancer diagnosis not long after the strange encounter.

The woman started having frequent nosebleeds, along with a host of other health problems. She believes the black-eyed children she unintentionally allowed into their home are to blame for her deteriorating health as well as that of her husband.

One day in October, as he approached his front door, a man noticed that his neighbor hadn’t put out his customary assortment of Halloween decorations.

When he saw his neighbor, he turned to inquire. The neighbor revealed that a terrifying incident the previous year prevented him from celebrating Halloween that year. The neighbor recalled hearing a knock on his door at around midnight.

The man grabbed a bowl of candy and trudged to the door, thinking it was a group of late-night trick-or-treaters. Swinging the door open, he turned to greet the two male teens when his body stiffened in terror. Both boys had completely black eyes with no white irises. One of the boys inquired about using the phone inside. Fortunately, the man refused because he was so terrified.

A woman and her cat were watching a movie late one night in early November 2012 when the cat abruptly jumped off of her lap. She followed her cat into the laundry room, leaving the woman speechless, but the cat remained in its spot in between the washers and dryers. The woman thought it was late trick-or-treaters when she heard knocks on her door. The woman was greeted by a boy and a girl when she opened the door.

The kids weren’t holding buckets or wearing costumes, so there was something odd about them standing there and gazing into her house. The boy asked the woman abruptly if her cat had left, which made her nervous. The boy was smiling and staring at the girl when she said, “We need to get inside,” in a low voice to the woman. The woman closed the door and dialed 911 out of fear after noticing that their eyes were completely black. Only footprints that led into the forest behind the woman’s house were discovered by the police. The woman didn’t discover a temporary bed in her gardening shed until several months later.

Stories about people with black eyes or demon eyes have recently gone viral, but the vast majority of these tales lack substantial evidence or first-hand accounts from witnesses.

Since the entire thing is just a story, the phenomenon is just as mysterious as extraterrestrial life or werewolves.

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