Certified Nurses Day (May 19): History, Meaning And Honor

Certified Nurses Day (May 19): History, Meaning And Honor

Nurses celebrate their certification on March 19, which is designated as Certified Nurses Day. Organizations from all over the world come together on this day to celebrate the commitment and service of licensed nurses.

Certified nurses frequently put in a lot of hard work and long hours throughout their careers to help others. The day celebrates and recognizes them as well as their noteworthy accomplishments. Their advanced skills necessitate ongoing training, recertification, and familiarity with ever-evolving technology. Clinical demands and patient care are balanced by certified nurses. A Certified Nurse’s dedication is made all the more valuable by assisting patients in achieving their healthcare objectives during complex and difficult times.

Ambulatory Care Certification

Clinical Nurse Specialist Certification

Informatics Certification

Medical-Surgical Certification

Nurse Practitioner Specialty Certification

Pediatric Nursing Certification

Psychiatric Nursing Certification

Certifications in subspecialties are also available to nurses. Where they work, licensed nurses offer specialized experience in the medical fields. They raise the standard of medical care delivered as well. More than ever, the medical field needs more qualified nurses to provide the care we require.

The purpose of National Certified Nurses Day is to honor the honorable profession of nursing. The nurses are given identification by participating in this day because they are part of serving humanity. Although nurses have always been seen as helpers, it is important to recognize their significance. Despite the doctors’ crucial work, the nurses give the patients a lot of attention and care.

In the field of nursing, there is a certification that denotes the highest level of education. As a result, nurses who complete this certification are also honored. The nurses are also grateful to the nurses who enable them to obtain this certification. The purpose of the celebration is to encourage nurses to advance their careers and to raise awareness of the certification. The promotion of this certification is given top priority because it will enable nurses to overcome challenges in their line of work. Additionally, they will have a more sophisticated skill set, ensuring that they can provide better services to humanity. In America, all nurses must be registered, and by earning the certification, they will also earn more money.

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The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the American Nurses Association (ANN) jointly created Certified Nurses Day in 2008 to recognize the achievement of certification for the commitment it represents in professionalism and critical understanding of specialty areas.

Dr. Margretta “Gretta” Madden Styles, RN, EdD, FAAN, a pioneer in the field of nursing certification, was born on March 19, which is why that date was chosen. In the 1970s, Dr. Styles started advocating for more stringent certification requirements to demonstrate expertise. She later contributed significantly to the establishment of the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Clinical experts who have demonstrated a level of knowledge recognized by the credentialing boards include certified nurses. Since they are required to take advantage of ongoing educational opportunities and maintain a level of current knowledge in their area(s) of expertise, they have made a commitment to lifelong learning.

Knowing that they have attained these standards of competence gives us, the patients, peace of mind. According to studies, nurses with certifications deliver patient-centered care with a higher level of patient satisfaction and fewer instances of medical error. More than 90% of nurses who responded to a survey concurred that their certifications boosted their professional credibility and served as important indicators of their level of competence. Additionally, they overwhelmingly concurred that earning specialty certifications increased their professional confidence and gave them a sense of personal fulfillment.

They are always working hard every day and night. Letting them enjoy and spend time with themselves will let them rejuvenate and be more productive than ever before.

By using hashtags like #Nationalcertifiednursesday, #certifiednursesday, #nursesday, and #certified, you can raise awareness and inspire others to show their appreciation and respect for nurses. They require recognition on social media platforms, which will also alert others to the need to improve the working conditions. Additionally, there is a need to use cutting-edge technology to improve their safety and help them.

Gifting them will make them happier. They’ll experience pride and motivation as a result. When they are aware of everyone’s love for them, they will also be more dedicated to their profession. This is the least you can do as an employer of a specific healthcare facility considering how many of us they take care of. When it comes from a senior or the nurse’s employer, it will be more effective.

Considering how much they work, nurses may experience body aches. You should teach them self-care and self-love even though they might not have the time to do so. With massage chairs or a massager, you can give them massages. They will be more active and energised at work thanks to the massages and aromatic oils.

The amount of work nurses do may cause them to experience body aches. Even though they might not have the time, you should still teach them about self-care and self-love. You can massage them using a massager or a massage chair. The massages and aromatic oils will make them more active and energized at work.

The sixth of May is designated as National Nurses Day. On this day, we raise public awareness of all nursing endeavors and contributions and recognize the crucial function that nurses perform in society. This day, which is also sometimes referred to as National RN Recognition Day, marks the start of National Nurses Week.

Every year on May 12, which is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, people all over the world observe International Nurses Day. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) recognizes this significant day each year by creating and disseminating materials for International Nurses Day (IND).

Numerous opportunities

It is projected that there will be 200,000 new certified nursing positions created every year through 2026.

Not only in hospitals

While 58% of nurses work in medical and surgical hospitals, they are also employed by private medical offices, nursing homes, clinics, the military, schools, and even general businesses.

Show me the money

The nursing profession is one of the highest-paying occupations.

Walking all day

During the average 12-hour shift, nurses will walk 4–5 miles!

Worldwide shortage

​The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there is a worldwide shortage of nurses numbering 4.5 million!

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