August 2023: Special Astrological Events and 12 Zodiac Signs

August 2023: Special Astrological Events and 12 Zodiac Signs

Join to discover special astrological phenomena in August:

August 1: Mars in Taurus coincides with Uranus in Taurus

August 3: Mercury enters Virgo

August 7: Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius

August 8: Venus in Cancer confronts Pluto in Capricorn

August 11: Full moon in Aquarius and Venus enters Leo

August 14: Sun in Leo confronts Saturn in Aquarius

August 20: Mars enters Gemini

August 22: Sun enters Virgo

August 25: Mercury enters Libra

August 27: New Moon in Virgo

In August, expect a feeling of nostalgia and recall of past situations during the Blue Moon.

This month is sandwiched by two Full Moons, one on August 1 (in Aquarius) and the second on August 30 (blue moon in Pisces).

This will be an emotional month, full of endings and revelations. Fortunately, with a total of 7 planets retrograde, the rhythm of life will slow down, giving us time to rest and readjust.

This will be especially true during the last week of August, when Mercury and Uranus join the retrograde dance party!

Venus – the planet of joy, relationships and money – is retrograde this whole August, meaning we’re still in the process of looking at all these aspects of our lives.

Whenever necessary, seek alone time so you have time to think about what you really want.

If a relationship, habit, or project no longer brings you joy, then you get the universe’s permission to let it go!

The truth is that many people will feel rebellious, want to be free, want to go around, especially on the New Moon day of August 16 in Leo.

By evoking previously suppressed emotions, this Moon event can help us deal with the past, so we can move forward into our future after Venus turns straight in early September. .

On August 23, the Sun begins its annual tour in Virgo. Usually, this is the time to start new projects.

However, because Mercury is retrograde on the same day (running until September 15 this year), the Virgo season will favor allowing a kind of natural transformation to take place for us.

The last days of August and the first days of September are ideal for a getaway in case you are in need of a break.

August 2023 brings career prospects for Aries. With Mars, their ruling planet, forming favorable angles, they will have a surge of motivation and confidence.

Enthusiasm will motivate Aries to take on challenges, push them to explore new career opportunities.

Networking of business relationships will play an important role in the success of the Sheep this month, allowing you to build profitable business relationships.

However, the Ram must be careful not to let impatience and impulsivity cloud his judgment.

By channeling your energy effectively, Aries can make significant career advancements in August.

Be confident to accept new challenges, but be patient and tactful in your speech.

August is an ideal time to engage in new activities and tap into more abundant energy. Be open to new things and enjoy deeper emotional connections.

You will be motivated to improve the things you already enjoy doing. Put your whole heart into it, you will surely be surprised at how much progress you make.

An opportunity to travel or study abroad may arise unexpectedly this month, which will enhance your knowledge and bring you new perspectives.

The financial sector can improve, but be careful when making investment decisions or major financial transactions.

Leo season is the perfect time for a complete refurbishment of your Gemini home.

Organize, clean and purify with a lot of enthusiasm so that your living space is not the only thing that is revived, so is your spirit.

In the financial sector, be careful and deliberate in your decisions. By managing your assets well, you can achieve stability and progress, with a lot of money in your pocket.

As summer draws to a close, you’ll be filled with inspiration and forced to push your projects forward.

Cancer’s energy will focus on sharing your own unique ideas, but it’s important not to forget the contributions of others as well.

Pay attention to psychological manipulation because they can rob your work group or family peace, do not allow anyone to disturb this life.

August brings opportunities for growth and stability in the home and family sector. Many people will decide to remodel their home or change their family lifestyle.

August will encourage Leo to assess his financial situation realistically and accurately. There will be opportunities to express yourself and showcase your talents in many fields.

You will be motivated to make the necessary changes to resolve, or improve, your money situation for the rest of the year.

Don’t be shy, open a new Excel spreadsheet and start recalculating your money management! With a few simple adjustments, it is enough to change your life.

Pay attention to your health and well-being and take the time to balance work and rest. Take care of yourself and the people that matter, this will help you stay successful and happy.

Entering August, you will be filled with renewed confidence, ready to take on new challenges and projects with discipline and meticulousness.

Promotion opportunities or new jobs will come to this sign in the new month, try a little harder because success is about to find you.

August brings you opportunities for inner growth and transformation. Be open to change and focus on your 6th sense.

You will need a weekend in August to process the events of the previous weeks and this will be the right time to start healing your soul.

The moments of bathing and listening to music alone are therapeutic to help Libra disconnect from the outside world, and then reconnect with equanimity.

Communication will be the key to successful cooperation with a partner or colleague to help you work easier, less headache.

August will be the ripe month for commitment and friendship. Focus your energy on people who are willing to share your joys and sorrows with you.

Opportunities for promotion or learning new things at work can come at the most unexpected times.

Be optimistic and focus on your goals. Positive changes can happen in relationships, you can connect with someone who changes you a lot.

In August, an unexpected change will give you the confidence you need to use your talents and pursue your ambitions.

Sagittarius is ready to take the lead and make significant progress towards achieving their goals.

You also want to adjust your lifestyle to fit your class.

In the field of health, pay attention to your needs and health. Balance body, mind and spirit and take time to relax and re-energize, Sagittarius.

As August begins, you’ll be sure you have solutions to your and others’ problems, and you won’t be afraid to share your experiences either.

You have to be careful, listen to other people’s opinions, don’t get caught up and stay flexible will help you gain new perspectives as well as broaden your understanding of the world around you.

There are opportunities ahead of you, Sagittarius, to broaden your horizons, so if the present moment, no matter how depressed, should be lifted, you are almost there.

August will be waiting for you to clarify your expectations in your private love life with your other half, if you are not satisfied, just say it frankly.

However, you’ll probably also be more sensitive to criticism at this point, which can cause you to deeply question yourself about what you’ve done wrong.

Working with others will bring growth opportunities for Aquarius in August, so don’t work alone in silence.

By August, your attention will be on personal relationships. However, impatience and hasty action can lead to conflict.

The relationships that Pisces cultivates with others take time to develop, so be patient with those around you.

Get in touch with your inner emotions and make time for dreams. Creativity and intuition will lead you to success.

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