8 Most Luxurious Handbag Brands That Really Made in France

8 Most Luxurious Handbag Brands That Really Made in France

A carefree, cool, and confident look like that of a French woman is still a unicorn in today’s internet-fueled, easily accessible-flights global style scene. What, exactly, is the trick? The wine, perhaps? cigarettes?

The magic of never gaining weight, even if you eat a baguette every day. Or maybe it’s just their “I’ve got my file” mentality. Every self-respecting Parisian woman has at least one Chanel handbag in her collection, but she also has at least one item from Hermés, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Goyard, and Céline, and often all of these designers.

Here, KnowInsiders takes a look at the most unforgettable of the all-time top eight.

Chanel is currently among the most well-known French brands. It is well known for more than just its handbags, including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, skincare, and even fragrances. The 1883-born French fashion designer Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel founded the company.

Coco decided to open her hat shop, Chanel Modes, in Rue Cambon 21, Paris, in 1910 after learning to sew when she was a young girl. After that, in 1913, her first store opens in Deauville. The 2.55 shoulder bag is Chanel’s most well-liked bag design.

Even though the company had been making handbags prior to this model, the idea of having a comfortable strap so that the hands can be free was what made it one of the most innovative bags at the time of its introduction.

The 2.55 handbags designed by Gabrielle Chanel are still in high demand today. Both leather and fabric are options for this bag model. Depending on the material used, the price of these bags can range from $3,000 to $10,000.

Parisian leather goods company Polène was established in 2016 by two brothers and a sister. Folds were incorporated into the collections, enhancing the leather’s malleability and bolstering the sculptural element of the designs. These folds were inspired by the works of designers like Madeleine Vionnet, Mariano Fortuny, and Madam Grès.

The brothers were driven to use the best hand-made artisan production in Spain by their extensive knowledge and passion for quality. Polène works with renowned French, Italian, and Spanish tanneries that have been supplying the most prestigious names in leather goods for many years.

One of the world’s oldest leather ateliers is Hermès. The luxury house’s initial focus when it was founded in 1837 was on making top-notch harnesses and bridles for the carriage industry. Today, Hermès is best known for its handcrafted handbags and luggage. It can take anywhere from 18 to 24 hours to finish one article.

Customers may have to wait up to a year to receive one of the house’s iconic bags due to how popular their bags are. The long-awaited goods do, however, have some incredible benefits. The bags are so rare and high-quality that purchasing one actually qualifies as a wise investment because the bags increase in value over time. Additionally, the owner of a Hermès bag can send the bag for repair to Les Ateliers Hermès in Pantin, France if there is any damage.

Louvreuse is a French high-end leather goods company founded in 2016 by Victoire de Villiers and is motivated by art history. The company’s artful and vibrant collections feature lovely materials and opulent finishes in an approach to luxury that is both approachable and responsible while also encouraging sustainability.

Their workshops, which are located in the center of Choletais in the West of France, are where each handbag is created. Some bags take almost four hours to make and require ninety steps of assembly before they are finished. They are made of carefully chosen leather in Italy. Additionally, the company offers hand-made, custom personalization on all of its leather accessories.

The New Look to the Bar jacket is a trademark of Christian Dior when it comes to ready-to-wear, but when it comes to leather goods, the Lady Dior bag is unquestionably the brand’s most recognizable handbag. In 1995, former French first lady Bernadette Chirac gave Diana, Princess of Wales, one, according to an excerpt from Monica Botkier’s Handbags: A Love Story.

According to Botkier, “Diana loved the handbag so much that she ordered one in every color and was soon photographed with it everywhere, from a business trip in Argentina to the Met Gala in New York, where she wore a gown by John Galliano for Dior,” Botkier says. “Harrods reportedly sold out of the style within hours after pictures of Diana carrying the bag during a visit to Birmingham in 1995 were published.

The Lady Dior has gone through numerous iterations using various materials, textures, and colors, but it still stands as a blank canvas that every new creative director for the house has reimagined. The Lady Dior and the Dior saddle bag, which debuted in Spring 2000 and was worn as fringed fanny packs on the runway, were hand-beaded for Maria Grazia Chiuri’s fall 2018 luxurious flower power, Age of Aquarius styled empowerment romp.

Nobody would have imagined that Céline, the French fashion powerhouse, began as a children’s shoe store in 1945. The company first sold made-to-order shoes, after which it moved on to selling women’s footwear and accessories. Later, in the early 1960s, they made the decision to expand their business and start selling sporty attire for women as well.

Céline creates and markets a variety of products today for both men and women. They sell handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, accessories, perfumes, and clothing. One of Céline’s most well-known handbags is part of their luggage collection. This collection’s handbags come in a huge variety of styles and dimensions. For instance, their Nano Luggage bag, which retails for about $3,000, is made of calfskin leather that has been drummed. It has a zipper closure, an interior flat pocket, removable leather strap, and silver metal hardware. Calfskin also makes up the interior lining.

Given that Céline handbags are made of expensive skins, the brand advises customers to shield them from moisture and minimize contact with liquids.

When he was just 19 years old, fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus exploded onto the French fashion scene with his own line. Within three years, he had secured a spot on the Parish Fashion Week schedule thanks to his innovative approach to fashion. Incredibly, he is a self-taught designer, making him one of the youngest to receive such acclaim.

The mini-purse is the most recognizable Jacquemus bag design, which is based in Paris, France. When Jacquemus introduced his doll-sized micro-bag known as It, he actually quickly took control of the small purse market. The costs range from about $420 to more than $1,110.

The oldest leather goods company that is still in operation is Goyard. It was founded in 1853, the same year Louis Vuitton did, and is still privately held today. Goyard is the only significant luxury brand in the world that doesn’t offer any online sales. Similar to Louis Vuitton, Goyard is well known for its monogrammed French leather luggage.

The same methods used when the company first started are still used to create Goyard bags, which are made of the finest French leather. The Marquages, a monogrammed bag that prominently displays your initials, is their most recognizable model.

The Goyard store in Paris is situated in the first arrondissement at 233 rue Saint-Honoré. You can order your very own custom Marquages bag right here. Each bag is individually hand-painted to preserve their 200-year-old technique, which typically takes 4 weeks to complete.

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