10 Best Online Christian Colleges With The Lowest Cost In The US

10 Best Online Christian Colleges With The Lowest Cost In The US

Choosing a college can be challenging enough, but when you need to find a school that fits both your faith and your budget, the search can become overwhelming. To assist, we researched the options for distance education students seeking a top affordable online Christian college and developed the following ranking.

For the majority of students, online Christian colleges offer degree programs that are convenient, relevant, and affordable. They are frequently more affordable than a traditional university education.

The majority of courses are accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSOC), and other certifying bodies.

Many online degree programs also offer state and federal financial aid programs to students who qualify. A college degree requires a significant time and financial investment, and these programs can help students pay for it.

Education is more accessible thanks to online institutions. Their professors are industry experts with practical experience as well as a biblical perspective. Depending on the school, students can choose from dozens of college degrees at every academic level. The student-to-faculty ratio is more than satisfactory.

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How types of Christian colleges are there?

Christian institutions that are nondenominational. Some denominations, such as First Baptist and Southern Baptist, can be subdivided even further, resulting in even more variation.

Here are some of the most well-known denominations that students may come across while looking for a religion-focused college experience, in order of volume:


Baptists believe that professing Christians should be baptized by immersion, and their roots can be traced back to 1609, when the first Baptist church was established in Amsterdam.

There are over 100 million Baptists worldwide, and many of them are represented by various organizations, the largest of which is the Southern Baptist Association.

In North America, there are five major Baptist affiliations, and Baptist universities in the United States are almost certainly affiliated with at least one of them.


More than 200 institutions in the United States, according to the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, consider themselves to be affiliated with the Catholic Church.

These institutions are defined by a shared Christian vision and goals, contemplation in light of faith, fidelity to tradition, and devotion to service. Despite the fact that Catholic institutions have roughly 65 percent of their undergraduates who are Catholic, these colleges welcome anyone.


Martin Luther, who nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the chapel door, founded the Lutheran Church. Those looking for a Lutheran college can choose from the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, Independent Lutheran, and other Lutheran affiliations.

The Lutheran Church has nearly 80 million members worldwide, so students attending a Lutheran college will be in good company.


Methodist schools, another Protestant Christian denomination, are founded on good educational ideas and loving connections through social service.

This emphasis on assisting the underprivileged and improving ordinary people’s lives frequently results in large-scale service projects involving the entire university. In addition to the United Methodist Church, the Methodist denominations include nearly 40 others.

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Annual Tuition: $3,535

Student to Faculty Ratio: 3:1

Location: Jacksonville, Texas

Website: https://bmats.edu/

The Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary, founded in 1950 by the Baptist Missionary Association of America, is one of the more recent low-cost Christian colleges in our ranking. The school’s online degree programs mirror those offered on campus and include an Associate of Divinity, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Religion, and separate MA programs in Religion and Pastoral Theology.

Annual Tuition: $3,888

Location: Idaho

Website: https://www.byui.edu/


100% of 9 students said this degree improved their career prospects

89% of 9 students said they would recommend this school to others

According to College Scorecard, Brigham Young University – Idaho (BYUI) is a private, religious institution with 43,532 undergraduate students and a 65% graduation rate. BYU Pathway Worldwide, the online degree provider for BYU schools, offers online programs. Remote students have access to 44 online degrees, 29 of which are certificate programs. There are eight online associate degrees and seven online bachelor’s degrees available in fields such as information technology, business management, and family and human services, among others.

Annual Tuition: $4,790

Website: https://southeasternbaptist.edu/

Location: Laurel, Mississippi

The Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi runs Southeastern Baptist College. Their mission statement is “Serving Christ with a Biblical worldview in a Christian atmosphere.” With a student-to-faculty ratio of 6:1, they provide three associate degrees and one bachelor’s degree, all of which are 100% online, including degrees in church ministry and business. Southeastern Baptist College is state-accredited by the Mississippi Commission on College Accreditation and nationally accredited by the Association For Biblical Higher Education.

Annual Tuition: $5,325

Location: Fayetteville, NC

Website: http://ccbs.edu/academics/

Carolina College of Biblical Studies believes that the Bible is God’s inerrant word and the final authority in all matters of life and faith. They are authorized to provide distance education in 47 states and the District of Columbia by the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. With an 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio, they offer two associate degrees and two bachelor’s degrees entirely online in Biblical studies and leadership and ministry. The Association for Biblical Higher Education has accredited Carolina College of Biblical Studies.

Annual Tuition: $5,560

Location: Fredericksburg, VA

Website: https://vbc.edu/

Virginia Baptist College considers the Bible to be the only infallible and authoritative source of faith and practice. Their mission is to prepare people for lay and professional ministry. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 5:1, they provide two associate degrees, two bachelor’s degrees, and three master’s degrees entirely online, including degrees in ministry and Christian education. A one-year Bible certificate is also available. The Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools is a member of Virginia Baptist College.

Annual Tuition: $5,970

Acceptance Rate: 70%

Retention Rate: 69%

Graduation Rate: 77.9%

Financial Aid: Scholarship/Grant

Location: 6178 College Station Drive, Williamsburg, KY

Website: https://www.ucumberlands.edu/

The University of the Cumberlands was founded in 1888 as a non-profit private higher education institution in Williamsburg, Kentucky. UC is now a major coeducational US higher education institution that is formally affiliated with the Christian-Baptist church.

This school has a selective admissions process that is based on entrance exams as well as previous academic records and ratings of students. With acceptance rates ranging from 70 to 80 percent, this US higher education school is somewhat demanding. They have a very good student-faculty ratio.

Annual Tuition: $6,825

Location: Banner Elk (NC)

Average Financial Aid: $20,044

Website: https://www.lmc.edu/

Prospective students can pursue several online bachelor’s programs at Lees-McRae College (LMC), a private, nonprofit, Presbyterian institution. LMC offers a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Criminal Justice, and a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Human Services online.

Annual Tuition: $7,020

Website: https://holyapostles.edu/

Location: 33 Prospect Hill Rd | Cromwell, CT

Holy Apostles College and Seminary is a private, non-profit Catholic college that provides daily mass, perpetual adoration, and the Sacrament of Confession on campus. The institution’s overall goal is to provide a Catholic education.

At Holy Apostles, online students complete coursework asynchronously using the Populi software. Holy Apostles University offers six online bachelor’s degree programs, including the (1) Bachelor of Arts in Sacred Art, (2) Bachelor of Arts in History in the Social Sciences, and (3) Bachelor of Arts in Theology. Career services, IT support, an online writing lab, and other resources are available to online students.

Annual Tuition: $7,500

Website: https://www.gbs.edu/

Location: 1810 Young Street Cincinnati, Ohio

God’s Bible School and College (GBS) is a private, nondenominational, and private institution that offers several online bachelor’s degree programs. The college’s goal is to provide students with coursework that will prepare them for careers in ministry. GBS offers seven online bachelor’s degree programs, including (1) a bachelor’s degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, (2) a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry, and (3) a bachelor’s degree in Ministerial Education.

Annual Tuition: $7,560

Website: https://www.heritagebiblecollege.edu/

Location: 494 Antioch Church Rd, Dunn

Heritage Bible College, located in Dunn, North Carolina, is a coeducational Bible college that was established to serve the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist (PFWB) denomination as well as other Christian denominations. Heritage was founded to provide systematic and comprehensive training in God’s Word from a Pentecostal perspective, allowing students to fulfill their specific call to the ministry.

Dr. Herbert Carter founded Heritage Bible College, which began classes in the fall of 1971 with approximately 60 students. Online classes were added in 2002, and HBC became an all-online College in 2018.

The best online Christian colleges offer students expertise in a wide range of specialties, and all programs are founded on Christian principles and practices. Furthermore, if students want to pursue careers in ministry or simply expand their knowledge of Christianity, they can choose from online bachelor’s degree programs such as Ministry Education, Theology, and Sacred Arts.

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